Ukraine releases names of Russian soldiers killed in Debaltseve



The Ministry of Defense (MOD) has released the names of several Russian citizens who had been fighting in Ukraine. The names were determined through documents that the soldiers of the Ukrainian 128th Mechanized Brigade had taken recently from Russian mercenaries who died in battle, reports Espreso TV citing the ministry’s press release.

According to the MOD, Ukrainian soldiers report that Russian patrons of the “Russian World” concept have perfected the art of window dressing when it comes to concealing the presence of Russian citizens in the militant groupings of the terrorist organizations “Luhansk People’s Republic” (LNR) and the “Donetsk People’s Republic” (DNR).

“From the passports it is clear that citizens of the Russian Federation took part in the battle for the Debaltseve bridgehead . One such person was Evgeny Bugrov, born July 23, 1976, and registered in Tyumen, Russia,” the press release states. However, he apparently was a soldier for the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic.”

“This is revealed by the appropriate military ID. According to the soldier who killed this Russian mercenary, Bugrov wore the specialized modern uniform of the marines of the Russian armed forces and conducted himself on the battlefield as a well-trained soldier,” MOD states.

The MOD points out that “it is equally unclear why another dead soldier, Ivan Budrys, supposedly a citizen of Ukraine according to his passport, had an insurance certificate for the obligatory pension insurance of the Russian Federation written out in his name.”

“The owners of these documents have died. They laid down their lives for the illusory ideas of creating the quasi-states of “LNR” and “DNR,” the MOD concludes.

As reported earlier, President Petro Poroshenko, speaking at the Munich Security Conference, February 7,  presented new clear evidence of the presence of Russian armies on Ukrainian territory, including passports and military tags belonging to Russian soldiers.

However, Viktor Sorokin, a spokesman for Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, explained that the military tags shown by President Poroshenko “can also be bought in the market.”


Translated by: Anna Mostovych

Source: Espreso TV

Source: MOD

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  1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    That it is very practical with russia, one can buy anything from tanks to rocket, to uniform, to insignia, but not lives , how is that ? It must be something wrong with the totalitarian regim , it is not that perfect after all !

  2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

    Wad up these documents, stick them in their mouths, then throw the bodies in a garbage dumpster.

  3. Avatar disqus60 says:

    The reason why Putin and company are denying Russians are fighting in Donbass is shown here.. the Russian soldiers become citizens of DNR, and according to one which I communicated with, give up their Russian citizenship. Thus they all become DNR citizens (a fictitious person of a fictitious country).. so of course Putin and co can declare there are no Russians in Ukraine. Another point is that since Putin doesn’t recognize Donbass as Ukraine, he can state there are no Russians in Ukraine. The real question that should be asked of Putin is “are there any Russian soldiers fighting in the territory that is recognized by the UN as “Ukrainian territory”. Snake.

    1. Avatar rifak says:

      Good points! Otherwise, Putin just speaks legalese – “well…it depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is” – and gets away with it like the the sneaky scoundrel he is. By the way, this does not make him a tough buy or honorable by any stretch.

    2. Avatar Dean Venture says:

      Putin would still deny any Russian involvement. Perhaps he isn’t so much talking to us when he does so, but to the Russian populace who might object to a war outside of Russia. I think every government in Europe and North America knows very well that Russia is the driving power behind this war regardless of any number of lies from Putin or Lavrov.

    3. Avatar Lex Strahorn says:

      make it even easier….Who is paying them?

  4. Avatar DejaVu says:

    It’s funny how much effort goes into making these so called ‘volunteers’ or ‘vacationers’ appear as locals and then only to have it backfire. Putin might save some money for his upcoming vacation without these theatrics.

    “If the war in Ukraine is ‘local rebels’ uprising or ‘separatist’ against the Ukrainian government, then answer these questions please:

    Why was the FIRST thing they did after seizing administration buildings, replacing ALL tv-channels for Russian ones?

    Why did Russia attack a Ukrainian camp near Zelenopole on July 11th CROSSING THE BORDER with 14 GRAD rocket launchers? See this blog.

    Why did Russia attack a Ukrainian camp with GRAD rocket launchers from Gukovo on July 16th? See this blog.

    Why did Russia drive one of their most advanced anti-air systems into Ukraine that shot down MH17? See this blog.

    Why did Russia invade Ukraine in the end of August to destroy the volunteer battalions that were retreating from Ilovaisk and were promised a safe passage? See this blog.

    Why did Russia invade Ukraine in the end of August to conquer Lugansk Airport as can be seen on Google Earth? See this blog.

    Why did Russia attack a Ukrainian army camp OUTSIDE the conflict area from RUSSIAN TERRITORY on Sept 14th, which is AFTER the Minsk agreement. See this blog.

    Why does Russia send ENDLESS amounts of ammunition into Ukraine?

    Why does Russia send all their newest equipment into Ukraine?

    Why does Russia send their Electronic warfare units into Ukraine?

    Why does Russia recruit criminals to fight in Ukraine in exchange for amnesty?

    Why does Russia recruit mercenaries from all over Russia to fight in Ukraine?

    Why do we hear “Alluha akbar” all the time in videos?

    Why does Russia keep Nadiya Savchenko captive as a prisoner of war?

    Why does all the command and control of the battle groups in Ukraine consist of Russian officers (such as Girkin and others)?

    Why does Russia send in their Special Forces (to capture administration buildings or to lay ambushes on retreating Aidar units etc.)?

    Why does Russia send in it’s green little men like it did in Crimea. But now they are called ‘polite people’?

    Why are there Russian generals in Ukraine? See this blog.

    Why do Russian tanks fly the Russian flag in Ukraine?


    Russia wants you to believe it is a local uprising, so it can freely operate under that cover.”

  5. Avatar Jacks Channel says:

    I think forensic testing is in order here. So Russia is saying that the documents are fake? I say test every piece of these documents down to their paper content and see whats happens.

  6. Avatar W8post says:

    Why to buy in the market when those badges are free of costs (except for human life) on the battle field? but then, for the Russians, lives are priceless, literally …

  7. Avatar war-saw-wer says:

    they bought these soldiers in the shop on the corner. Together with Putler brain. Close to his brain was French brave and European solidarity. Price was very attractive.
    Czeczen and Russian are “natural” citizen of Donbas region. Putler said that he only helps people who wants belong to Russia.

    I am waiitng for information that group of Russian citizen who live in Warsaw wants to be liberated by Russian army becouse Polish citzien do not allow them to establish Russian Republic in Warsaw.

    I want to hear Merkler and French idiots opinion in this matter. They will also analysis…

  8. Avatar Mazepa says:

    Over 13,721 mockal swine successfully exterminated in OUR Ukraine!!!
    Smert mockalyam.
    Praviy Cektor