You are running out of time, Europe

Russian mercenary fighting in Donbas, Ukraine

Russian mercenary fighting in Donbas, Ukraine 


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  • Rods

    I can’t argue with much you have said. WWII came about through western cowardice and appeasement, with Chamberlain to this day treated, in my view quite rightly, with total contempt in the UK, whereas, also quite rightly, Churchill has been by popular vote our greatest British leader. Chamberlain with his defeatist pathetic response to Czechoslovakia made Hitler more and more confident, where the early clipping of his wings, would have taught him the same lessons without 4 years of bloody war and millions of unnecessary deaths. Churchill in contrast against the appeaser calls for settlement, understood Hitler all too well and refused their arguments for a settlement, where he knew the evilness of Nazism had to be defeated. 1940 and 41 were grim years, but from 1942 onwards the UK with the magnificent US support and sacrifice never looked back.

    Obama and Susan Rice are IMO very typically weak left wing socialists where everybody is good and as long as you reset and reach out and be nice they will be the same in return. In the real world. I’m a realist and dog owner, try that with a snappy bad tempered Pitbull with attitude, which is Putin. I think we all know the result!

    I can’t take any European politician seriously in their approach to Ukraine, where most European countries are dependent upon Russian gas. As soon as I see their pathetic approach to European security and Ukraine which is fundamental to this, and on the frontline to all of mainland European security, then all I see, is another vote chasing European leader, chasing votes and leading a weak European country, unnecessarily dependent upon the consumption of Russian gas and they are in my opinion another of Putin’s gas whores.

    Ukrainians have again pulled another of lives short straws, from their 1917 to 1920 crushed indepence, their 1930 ‘Maiden’ and the 1932/33 Holodomor where 5 to 8m Ukrainians died and the Great Patriotic War where more died than in any other country in the world. Again through a Russian leader evilness, when many, including me were hoping the 20th century misfortunes were behind Ukraine, they are again in the 21st century suffering and dying again. The brave, strong, resilient Ukrainian forces with great fortitude and sacrifice are defending, and fighting for with great admiration, strength and valour, are holding the front line against evil Russian forces fighting against their country. The West again sadly, like with the 1932/33 Holodomor, are acting with total indifference to Ukraines suffering and mass slaughter at another evil Russian’s dictator’s hand, where there has been the unnecessary evil slaughter of another 10,000+ of Ukraine’s citizens.

    Right wing and left wing parties which are taking loans off a dictatorial devil in Putin are even worse. In my opinion you have to be a very ‘cheap and easy’ politician in a democratic country to borrow and align yourself with a proven evil repressive dictator, who promotes international terrorism and mass slaughter of innocent civilians. The electorate of the countries, where in my opinion such poor specimens of humanity and leadership reside, need to take note and vote accordingly or accept the bad outcome that their country will richly deserve. like Italy under Mussolini, which is a good case for these potential voters to observe.

    With all of the evil force and problems directed at Ukraine, I’m sure with as many people as possible throughout the world, doing everything we can to support Ukraine, along with the world famous Ukrainian people’s resilience, strength and fortitude it will ultimately be “Glory to Ukraine”.

    • Richard Hoover

      Rods ,,that was a great honest piece of truth and summing up of this horrible disaster Putin has stirred up in Ukraine ,,pulling its life cord again as seen so many times in the past soviet and pre soviet eras as well. Slava Ukraine !!Gory to Ukraine,,,,,,they will fight to the death as always and die like a Samurai,,honour for Ukraine and truth,,,in the Face of Evil……Putin!

  • StumpedNoMore2

    Ukraine this is what your friends are saying. This is getting ridiculous and the appeasement part is down right wrong. Didn’t they make a deal in Belarus — Minsk Agreement. How many more deals need to be made.


  • Czech Friend

    One more thing. The public debate of arming Ukraine in US and EU is the ultimate self-sabotaging cowardice.
    Does Putin need to know we want to stop him with any way possible now? Because it is wise to tell a kgb psycho what you’re after and provoke public debate on such an unpopular point.
    No, it is a manipulation from the Western leaders, their alibi.

    Why didn’t Charlie Wilson go to CNN when he’d sent weapons to Afghanistan to teach CCCP a lesson, I wonder…

  • Milton Devonair

    If, as russia says, “there are no russian troops in Ukraine”, then there should be no problem providing Ukraine with weapons to defend itself because, well, then the people from other countries waging war in Ukraine are, by definition, “terrorists”.
    They have no state sponsor.
    So arm Ukraine and let them kill whatever apes have invaded their nation.

  • luc’s views

    99% of the military material in Ukraine is Russian, operated by Russian specialists.

    Russia invaded Ukraine. Merkel . Hollande WAKEUP!

  • luc’s views

    20th century. For example, the Red Army between 1918 and 1920 officially fought against Ukrainian nationalists, but practically could kill any Ukrainian. Much of this was also termed “civil war” (a convenient term to disguise ethnic-based warfare).

  • luc’s views

    So, history repeats itself with what Putin is planing in the short future in Ukraine.