Ukraine’s new tactics: lure the enemy into open space and destroy him!



Military analysis

The Ukrainian army has adopted a new tactics of using baits to pull Russian terrorists out into open spaces and destroying them with the artillery and other long-range weapons, Russian military analyst Vladimir Golyshev writes in his blog.

“Immediately after the direct Russian invasion in August last year, the expert wrote that Ukraine’s purpose in this war was to destroy enemy’s military equipment and manpower. At some point, Russia will face the lack of both.

According to Golyshev, within the last 5 months, Ukraine successfully held on to its defenses, grinding down the Russian manpower, defense of the Donetsk airport being the most striking example. Now the Debaltseve pocket performs the same function of bait. Just like with the airport, the Russians are being lured to entrap the Ukrainian force into what looks like a pot, similarly to Ilovajsk.

“What happens next?”- the analyst asks rhetorically. “A crowd of degenerates is rushing forward taking its military vehicles out of towns into the open, where they are mercilessly destroyed by the Ukrainian artillery without risking civilian lives! It’s the only way to lure them (terrorists) out of Horlivka, Makiyivka, Donetsk and other densely populated areas”.

The airport defense didn’t end that well, due to a major error: the Ukrainian army let the Russian ‘funeral team’ leak into the new terminal. The Russian subversive group used this chance to the full by gassing the Ukrainian ‘cyborgs’ and blowing up the entire floor defended by them, the military expert explains.

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  • Marko

    Do not trust him, Golyshev is a (Russian) wolf in a sheep’s clothing. with deliberately misleading analysis

  • Dr. Stanley Wesolowsky Ph.D.

    Golyshev, a Russian, gives away the tactics of Ukrainians,
    what naive nonsense, this is bullshit.

  • Murf

    Sounds about right.
    UA has made huge strides in their capabilities and tactics illoviansk.
    Absent air power, artillery is the king of battle and UA is developed their to a high degree.
    Keep grinding em boys!

    • Doug Retter

      For the Russians to be using “barrier squads” they most be desperate. These tactics will certainly endear the Russians to their own mercenaries. I think they actually deserve each other. I’m with you. Send in a truckload of vodka and let them battle it out! Maybe ESPN will want to make them an offer.

      • Murf

        Make it a pay per-view event.

  • Michel Cloarec

    Whatever, but get them out of the kindergardens where they are hiding and kill them, no mercy, they are children and ederly killers . Typical for that drunken race , they love busses , more easy to shoot !
    But take care! Debaltseve pocket looks like a Dien Bien Phu pocket !

  • Guest

    WHy would someone report this? I would have kept this classified until after the war to describe how victory was achieved.

  • evanlarkspur

    What is described here is exactly what I and others have been recommending for some time. It’s a good tactic to use against inexperienced but well-equipped opponents. Their equipment gives them a sense of security and confidence that their abilities don’t support and can’t leverage. However, I’m deeply suspicious of such reports here; its hard to believe that such a strategy would be leaked and would appear here if it was really in operation (though this is certainly an unusual war on the information front, with more frontline data coming from Facebook posts than news people). Given the level of manipulative propaganda coming from both sides, I personally don’t give this story much credit.

    Let’s not forget the story that surfaced last year that some Chinese company had offered to build a tunnel between Russia and Crimea, and would indeed foot the bill themselves in exchange for “owning” it and collecting tolls. Riiiight. Curious that this story came at the same time as Aksionov was desperately claiming an expected $500 million in international investment as the truth was that everyone everywhere was pulling out of Crimea utterly as an untouchable no-mans-land where your insurance company wouldn’t even cover you if you ventured. Though it had zero credibility on its face (what company is ever going to invest billions in a territory that has no international recognition and no rule of law, where property is seized all the time?), much less any kind of supporting documentation, this crazy story still brought tons of outrage and frantic commentary.

    Silly stuff gets published. I find healthy skepticism and critical thinking are good policy. If I were Putin, I might very well have my trolls post such a story about Ukrainian army drawing-out tactics in order to keep the insurgents in the towns to avoid losses as well as create more civilian deaths with which to demonize Ukraine. Remember, his goal is to freeze this mess; if it were to simply take and annex these territories, he could have done so long ago by simply recognizing the “referendums”. He didnt.

    • Doug Retter

      Can always tell an ignorant Putin blabbermouth; pages of idiocy and crap. Mostly because they get paid by the hour and no one cares what they say.

  • Czech Friend

    I hope this is not based on real tactics on the ground as others are saying but one thing that bugs me is this. Putin and his gang have a full access to our “kitchen” – instant news from Ukraine and the West, what analysts and influencers say, what we think Putin will do and when, of course it is not all the info but still a lot of it.

    And we on the other hand are being mostly kept in total darkness about Kremlin plots and situation in Russia in general. What to do about this asymmetry? How to use in our favour? How to deceit a deceitful enemy that Putler is?

  • Kruton

    Stop hiding behind old women,come out cowardly swine!Glory to the N.Guard!!