Ukraine’s new tactics: lure the enemy into open space and destroy him!



Source: Free Donbas

The Ukrainian army has adopted a new tactics of using baits to pull Russian terrorists out into open spaces and destroying them with the artillery and other long-range weapons, Russian military analyst Vladimir Golyshev writes in his blog.

“Immediately after the direct Russian invasion in August last year, the expert wrote that Ukraine’s purpose in this war was to destroy enemy’s military equipment and manpower. At some point, Russia will face the lack of both.

According to Golyshev, within the last 5 months, Ukraine successfully held on to its defenses, grinding down the Russian manpower, defense of the Donetsk airport being the most striking example. Now the Debaltseve pocket performs the same function of bait. Just like with the airport, the Russians are being lured to entrap the Ukrainian force into what looks like a pot, similarly to Ilovajsk.

“What happens next?”- the analyst asks rhetorically. “A crowd of degenerates is rushing forward taking its military vehicles out of towns into the open, where they are mercilessly destroyed by the Ukrainian artillery without risking civilian lives! It’s the only way to lure them (terrorists) out of Horlivka, Makiyivka, Donetsk and other densely populated areas”.

The airport defense didn’t end that well, due to a major error: the Ukrainian army let the Russian ‘funeral team’ leak into the new terminal. The Russian subversive group used this chance to the full by gassing the Ukrainian ‘cyborgs’ and blowing up the entire floor defended by them, the military expert explains.

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Source: Free Donbas

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