Terrorist commander from Russia spotted at separatist riots in March 2014


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Article by: Kirill Mikhailov

Arseniy “Motorola” Pavlov has long been a poster boy for Russian propaganda, alongside with Alexander “Babay” Mozhaev and Igor “Strelkov” Girkin. A Russian car washer turned terrorist field commander known for participating in many battles including the siege of Donetsk Airport, he achieved Western fame by threatening Poland with Grad strikes on Youtube for snubbing the Russian defence minister:
Motorola first became known during the Ukrainian siege of Sloviansk in May. In an interview with a Russian fascist newspaper Zavtra he claimed he came to Ukraine to counter the “Nazi” threat to the ethnic Russian population. However, today he was spotted in a video shot at a pro-Rusian rally on March 16 in Kharkiv, weeks before the first shots of the Donbas war were fired.

In the video, Motorola is seen standing next to a pro-Russian activist reading out an appeal for aid to Russia. The Kharkiv separatist rally on March 16 was part of a series of separatist rallies in Eastern Ukraine following the ousting of Viktor Yanukovych. During this particular one, several thousand protesters signed a petition to demand things like federalization of Ukraine, a prohibition of entering NATO, and the introduction of Russian peacekeeping forces on the territory of Kharkiv Oblast. An attempt was made to capture the regional administration. The rally ended with burning books about Stalin’s artificially-caused famine in Ukraine, Holodomor. Presently, Motorola is the commander of the terrorist Sparta battalion that is fighting against Ukrainian forces in Donbas.

Motorolla with Sparta battalion insignia

Motorolla with Sparta battalion insignia fighting in summer of 2014

In March Washington Post cited Ukrainian sources claiming protesters were brought from Russia across the border on buses with Russian number plates to bolster the pro-Russian activists.  On March 1, during the assault on Kharkiv state administration building, a pro-Putin activist from Moscow planted a Russian flag above the building.

This apparently widespread involvement of Russian nationals suggests that at least some of the unrest in South-Eastern Ukraine was fueled by Russia to destabilize the neighbouring country. Earlier, DNR flags were spotted on photos from a 2013 “Putin Youth” summer camp at Seliger in central Russia. These facts beg the question: did the conflict that Kremlin media insists on calling a civil war really originate inside Ukraine?

Edited by: Alya Shandra

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  • Richard Hoover

    Sure is clear to me who wound up this time bomb with Maidan as a pretext to start a war in Ukraine …….this punk ass pro terrorist ,Putins pocket man in Russia,,,,Kahrkiv didnt fall for his Russian Patriot rebellion,,,,,,Putin shifted and so did he ,,Donetsk and Luhansk ,,killing Ukrainin citizens to blame patriotic Ukrainians,,,Stalins tactics! millions of Ukrainians died and the world got sucked into that bullshit ,,fearing Stalin many turned a blind eye on Ukraines horroible Holodomor famine 1930-33 Stalins red army enforced 7 miilion to starve and executed them and imprisoned scores of thousands to death camps like Hitler 14 years before across Russia our ancestor was one named Julian Bachynsky from Ternopil oblast west Ukraine way ahead of himself low keyed visionary of an independent Ukraine titled” Ukraina Irredenta “,actually he was a literary political genius the likes of president historian Myhailo Hrushevsky and infamous Dragamonava respected and took advice from ,But now a new war is here 7 months here in East Ukraine 5200 or more dead and counting,,its the beginning only,,get involved and support Ukraine anyway you can or that you magine you can ,,cash supplies whatever ,,morally raise your heart and hands! Just Do it !! 4 Ukraine and Peace!

  • Brent

    So much evidence of Russian involvement THAT WE KNOW OF. Yet, O’bumbla sits quietly in The White House denying there is anything the U.S. can do to help Ukraine.

    Nice legacy you’ll have Barack. You called ISIS the “J.V. team” and scrambled 6 months later to put together a coalition to stop them from taking over Iraq and brutally murdering 1000’s more Iraqi’s.

    You’ve made great speeches about Russia, but have not done much to help Ukraine. You claim there is not ‘military solution’, and you let Putin and his Russian led terrorists butcher more and more Ukrainians every day. Congrats, you’ve even outdone Neville Chambererlain as he only was wrong about one major conflict.

    • StumpedNoMore2

      Here is another Brent.

  • Milton Devonair

    Some day, someone will have to stop these little apes.
    In the meantime, stealing, looting, murdering gang rapes…what russia does best…


  • disqus60

    Of course this war isn’t a civil war. It is a war initiated by an outside agressor. I’m ashamed of my government for not coming to the aid of a nation in need. War isn’t the answer but for now it is a necessity. A line has to be drawn, not as a mark for Russia, but as a mark for Ukraine to know who it is and what it fights for. For the world, so we know that some things matter, and life is only worth something when it has purpose and meaning. Otherwise we only exist. Ukraine is a young nation, a baby in a sense. Most of its people have lived under communism or the aftermath of corruption. This is their birth, this is their chance to grow into their own, to realize their potential as a nation, and to enjoy freedom that most in the west take for granted.

    We owe them the chance.

  • Czech Friend

    What an utter inhuman scum!

    I hope these primitive Russian sadists like Motorola will not die quickly when finally captured.

  • Mazepa

    We WILL find monkey pavlov and kill him.