Nadiya Savchenko’s final bullet will thunder with a deafening roar

Nadiya Savchenko

Nadiya Savchenko 


Article by: Igor Petrov, Attorney at Law, St. Petersburg, Russia

No doubt, she will die. She is a real soldier. Steadfast, fearless.

But also she is smart.

Her hunger strike is not to obtain her release.

It is simply the only weapon left to her now.

Her life.

With the price of her life, she inflicts the maximum damage on the enemy.
This is her last bullet.

And against the backdrop of terrible explosions in the Donbas, the last shot of Nadiya Savchenko, inevitably, will thunder with a deafening roar.

A roar of deafening silence.

One may deny the presence of his troops on foreign land; one may incessantly lie about an “internal conflict” and “militias;” but it is impossible, well, preposterous to deny the fact obvious to all – Russia, specifically Russia, as a state, abducted from another country, a soldier of that country…
…and murdered her in its prison.

Echoes of this appalling death will resound throughout the world.

This will be a devastating shot.

This will be a shot our own state will inflict to its own head.

However sacrilegious that may sound, it is far beyond Sergei Magnitsky!

Sadly, it is impossible for those in high offices, in whose hands the fate of Nadiya Savchenko now rests, not to understand the dire consequences of her death in a Russian prison.

And yet they somehow manage to avoid deadends, one after another, that they bring themselves into!

An example is the story of the environmentalists from “Arctic Sunrise.” And even with the Bolotnaya court case.
Yes, crookedly, wrongly, stupidly, but even so!

The trouble is that everything takes so long.
The decision-making system is unwieldy and dilapidated.

And clearly, the system lost real Leaders, who could not only offer a solution, but – insist on one! Prove. Achieve.

They have disappeared.

The official TV coverage of the court proceedings is impossible to watch without tears. Forlorn, mournful faces.

At best – they write a memo. From the one side, from the other side.
“I believe it would be appropriate…”

The memo will fan out to seven addresses for approval.

Then they will decide on a meeting to develop a position.

Then the meeting will be postponed.

The time has passed.
It is over.

And that is why Nadiya Savchenko will die.

As a real soldier. In this real war.

And her last shot…

Who knows what just one shot will do…

In the mute, oppressive silence of the gorge, at the bottom of which we all stand (and stand, and stand…) while looking
some with admiration,
some blithely,
and some – in horror,
at the bulk of snowy cornices suspended over our heads.



Due to state censorship, the article was refused in publication by the popular Russian blog-hosting website “Echo of Moscow”


Translated by: A. N.
Source: Facebook

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  • Eddy Verhaeghe

    ‘And clearly, the system lost real Leaders, who could not only offer a solution, but – insist on one! Prove. Achieve.’

    May the Gods have mercy on

    • Czech Friend

      Afraid of Russians paying the price?! I wish nothing more to such a “nation”!

      Nadiya Savchenko is Ukrainian hero and will forever be on Russian conscience.

      • evanlarkspur

        I’m not sure I agree that all Russians deserve to pay the price for Putin’s madness. It’s easy to condemn them when they support him blindly, but it’s a complex thing. After generations of manipulation and victimization by their leaders/oppressors, I feel they are best compared to a person who has long been in an abusive relationship. There seem to be more and more reasons to stay as time goes by, and the mental state of the victim becomes very distorted by the daily circumstances. From the outside, it’s easy to see how totally screwed-up it is, and easy to say, “for Christ sake, just LEAVE.” But we know from long research that it is not that easy. And the victim is correct in their fear that they are likely to bear a lot more harm by trying to escape, before escape is really a done deal- a good percentage of such women, for example, are killed or injured trying to escape.

        I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Russia, and am very close with family in Russia and Ukraine both. The analogy above really reflects the Russian situation, I feel. They defend those hurting them because they know nothing else. This is not to say we must not hurt Russia badly for what it is doing; we must. Just rather that we shouldn’t take any joy in it. It’s just grim work in a grim reality.

        • Eddy Verhaeghe

          I pity all people that suffered, suffer and will suffer because of the powers that be that ruled, rule and may rule for some time to come in first the USSR and now Russia.

          Nor Nadiya Savchenko, nor ordinary Ukrainians and Russians deserve to be the victims of the acts of today’s rulers of Russia.

          As far as your remarkt about hurting Russia is concerned, I couldn’t agree more. We must hurt Russia even harder than we do now. And yes ordinary Russians will suffer because of it, but we shouldn’t take joy in other peoples suffering even if they are Russians. They are victims, just like Nadiya Savchenko and ordinary Ukrainians are victims of the people that rule Russia.
          A death or maimed Russian soldier’s father or mother, brother or sister, wife or husband, children, friends, acquantances, etc… will feel the pain for their loss for the rest of their sometimes miserable life. Just as Ukrainians will feel the pain for heaven forbid the possible loss of Savchenko and all the other Ukrainians killed and maimed for the folly of Putin & C°.

        • Czech Friend

          but we are talking about Russians living outside their sh t hole of a concentration camp of a country and they still gloat at Ukrainian misery defending crimes against humanity which their leader started. They have a lot to do for the world to fogive them one day yet the vast majority of them supports their violent culture and feels even victimized. You cannot have sympathy for that nor even understanding. We might feel sorry for them but treat them as a dangerous enemy-for the sake of our survival and values of human life and dignity!

        • Brent

          I think I understand your concerns and your dilemma…But…they (Russians) feel it is okay to hurt others, okay to take away the rights of others to decide their own fate, okay to dominate others. That’s the part I have a problem with. WHAT DID UKRAINE DO TO RUSSIAN CITIZENS for Russian citizens to think it was okay to
          1) steal Crimea
          2) send troops into Donbas
          3) make decisions on the type of government Ukraine should have?

          Russians vociferously defend their own right to choose and not have outside influence by US, NATO or EU, but they feel it is okay for them to make those same decisions for Ukraine.

          • evanlarkspur

            Believe me, I agree with you, and I feel we MUST take strong action to stop Russia’s imperialist actions cold. I have no patience for their refusal to uphold their agreements, and I feel they must be blocked from all interaction with the free world. They do not get to enjoy the benefits of a system built on human rights and the rule of law, while refusing to shoulder the obligations that come with those benefits.

            My caveat was merely that we shouldn’t see the serious pain that the Russian people experience (and it will be very bad, much worse than now) with joy or even with satisfaction at the justice if it all. Because that’s like taking joy in a child getting killed in the road after he’d been told many times not to play there. I think we in the West believe that everyone is as we are, and that every system is like ours- we are a very civic society, very Involved in our government,

          • Czech Friend

            agree It’s hard to argue with you. But the key is this. Russians must suffer for their crimes just as Germans did for Nazis in order for world to become better place. They MUST learn this lesson and get a new chance afterwards. No joy but no loss of tears either.

            What would you prefer? A war and cities on fire or long queues for potatoes food stamps?

            They must suffer so that we or anyone else in their midst won’t have to in the future.

          • Doug Retter

            The problem with Russia is that years of atheism have left her people without a moral imperative. Right and wrong are determined by the state and not a simple Judeo-Christian principle. Putin defines the future by quoting the debacles of the past and Russians are trained that they are vassels of the state. Of course they think the world is picking on them; they’ve been brainwashed as a people!!! The Ukrainians, not so much!

      • Eddy Verhaeghe

        Nadiya Savchenko is indeed a Ukrainian hero and will forever be on the conscience of Russia and especially its rulers. And also on the conscience of the West, that didn’t stand up in time against Russia’s expansionism.
        But when this whole affair is over, Russians and Ukrainians will have to rebuild their world and I hope the ordinary Russians will find magnanimous Ukrainians as in partner in that building of a new Ukraine and Russia.

        • Czech Friend

          I don’t think Ukrainians will forgive Russians for letting Putin rape their country. Not in two generations at least but one day perhaps yes but it is Russians who must come with an apology first.

          • Eddy Verhaeghe

            In victory be humble, in defeat be strong, in all things be fair.

          • Doug Retter

            Outstanding quote, Eddy.

  • Murf

    God bless you Nadyia. You are one hel of a soldier. and a great women.
    Resisting the enemy to the very end.

  • Brent

    The Russian leaders are scum to let this happen. The Ukrainian leaders are helpless to stop it.

    But where are OUR WESTERN LEADERS? I’ve not heard once Obama, Merkl, or any of the others acknowledge Nadia Savchneko, whether it be her illegal kidnapping, or her hunger strike, publicly. I haven’t heard our Western media mention this. Have I missed it? Possibly. But this should be front page news and should be an issue that is discussed daily with Putin and his terrorist regime.

    Have our leaders forgot about Nadia or are they just too scared to mention this atrocity to the tyrant Putin?

    There are several others like Oleg Sentsov who are Ukrainians kidnapped and taken to Russia illegally and our leaders are filing them.

    • Murf

      Come on Brent Obama has got important thinks to think about.
      Dinner with campaign doners.
      Meeting with doners.
      More golf.
      Some…thing going on in Iraq, he’s not sure what that’s all about.
      Additional doners to his library.
      Working on his putt.
      Well you get the idea.
      He didn’t say Boo about an american Marine jailed on trumped up charges in Mexico. A Muslim who converted to Christianity became a preacher in Iran and is now to be executed as an apostate.
      I mean be real, where is her polling numbers?

      • Doug Retter

        Murf you need to check this out! Maybe it’s old news, but it’s good news. These guys all really do hang out at the same gay bath house.

        • Murf

          And the light of truth drives back the darkness.
          This Romanov wannabe’s New Russian Empire is crumbling like a cookie in a fat kids mouth. He and his troll stooges are just to stupid to see it.
          Six more months of this Charlie Foxtrot and his Oligarch buddies will be force feeding him Polonium from a milk jug.

          • Doug Retter

            Or shoving it up another orifice!!!

    • Clive Bridgeman

      Our Leaders are frightened that the mad Putin will serve out some servings of terrorism or nuclear war to their own people and that THEY will be blamed. Equally, they WILL be blamed by the world for NOT taking action to take the head of the monster BEFORE he kills everyone.

  • Mazepa

    In her name….we will administer ‘appropriate’ front line justice to the mockal swine. In her name, those degenerate pedophile mockal will suffer.