SBU intercept sheds light on terrorist attack on Mariupol


Article by: Kirill Mikhailov

SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) has posted a video, claiming to have intercepted talks between terrorists who may be responsible for the Mariupol massacre earlier today.

According to SBU, in the video two terrorists are discussing a Grad attack on a Ukrainian checkpoint on the Eastern outskirts of Mariupol. While one of them, apparently a MRLS unit commander, is wary that the volley might hit a residential area with high-rise apartment blocks, the other (a local from Mariupol, currently based in Donetsk), dismisses the warning, telling to carry out the attack anyway as the buildings are too far to be a concern.

Learning of the massacre they have caused, the terrorists dismiss it as non-significant, the superior telling to carry on the bombardments, shifting them to another Ukrainian position. “The faster they’ll f**k out of here”, the unit commander “reasons”.

This blatant disregard for the lives of civilians the terrorists claim to be protecting is a  recurring pattern in their operations. The CCTV video of the January 13 Volnovakha bus massacre demonstrates that “DNR” forces shelled a Ukrainian checkpoint on a busy highway linking Donetsk to Mariupol, and it was sheer luck that only one vehicle was hit.

The disregard for civilian lives is not new. In another SBU intercept, published on the day of MH17 crash, Russian Don Cossack commander Kozitsyn suggests the Boeing could be bringing spies and that it was the aircraft crew’s fault for flying in Ukrainian skies (despite them flying at an attitude unreachable by AA weapons used by terrorists before July 17).

These recurring fatal accidents that amount to war crimes prove once again that Russia’s proxy war in Ukraine must be stopped at all costs. The lives of the locals killed on a daily basis by the very people that claim to protect them from “Ukrainian Nazis” depend on the resolve of Ukrainian soldiers and authorities, as well as the international community.

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