St. Petersburg conscripts sent to Eastern Ukraine



War in the Donbas

The 138th Motorized Rifle Brigade RF, which will soon be sent to Eastern Ukraine, is made up largely of St. Petersburg conscripts (70%).

Conscription began when the division suffered substantial losses in the fighting in Ukraine last summer.

Ukrainian security officials already know the whereabouts of the brigade and its future route. talked with Alexander Peredruk, press secretary of the St. Petersburg Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers, who announced that the organization had received complaints about conscripts actually being forced to sign contracts for military deployment to Ukraine.

“The parents told us that authorities gathered about 70-80 young men in an auditorium, insulted them and didn’t let them go until they’d agreed to sign the contract.” said the activist.

Peredruk added that, in the last two months, the committee had received five appeals from parents – the first in December, the following between January 8-11. In addition, information about the conscription was reported anonymously to the hotline of the organization.

Translated by: Christine Chraibi

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  • Michel Cloarec

    From what I see on this photo, they don´t seem to be very happy ! Is it so , that they do not like to think that putin and company are sending them to organized death .

    • Milton Devonair

      Would you be happy if you were stuck living in the cesspool called russia?
      I’d not be too happy.

  • Vlad Pufagtinenko

    Ukrainian snipers will make fast work of this group. Very sad.

    • Milton Devonair

      True, it is sad, but apparently a lot more young russians need to get their heads blown off before russians themselves will finally wake up to putin’s madness and stop it themselves.
      But if they don’t wake up….then the humans killing them will just reduce the number of russian vermin in the world, the threat to humans by russia.

  • Michel Cloarec

    Young guys ! Think of the phsycological impact on russian crowd. Putin crying at funerals. “look what they are doing to our young guys”
    BASTARD vlad !