The Kremlin “Anti-Maidan”




The movement “Anti-Maidan,” whose creation was announced earlier in Moscow, already left a mark at the meeting in support of the Navalny brothers. According to the police, about 500 people gathered on Manezhnaya Square on January 15. 50 of them stood with banners in support of Navalny, the rest were members of the “Anti-Maidan” movement. 

The movement was created in Russia “to prevent revolutions similar to the one in Ukraine.” Its organizers include deputy head of the civil organization “Boevoye Bratstvo” (‘Fighting Brotherhood’), senator Dmitry Sablin, a friend of Vladimir Putin’s, leader of the motorbike club ‘Night Wolves’ Alexandr Zaldostanov (“The Surgeon”), writer, co-leader of the party ‘Great Motherland’ Nikolay Starikov, member of the Afghanistan Veteran Council Vyacheslav Shabanov, world champion in free fighting Yulia Bereznikova. The so-called ‘cossacks’ have also expressed their wish to join.

The creators of the movement discussed their goals and tasks at a special press conference.

“Anti-Maidan” is not documented legally, however, they have their own manifesto, cited by the media. “We stand together to prevent color revolutions of chaos and anarchy,” says the document. “Anti-Maidan” will have their own headquarters, an executive committee and personal membership, it will fight against the ideological enemies “regardless of whether the government allows it or not.”

One of the leaders of “Anti-Maidan,” concerned with politics and the rise of patriotism, is an Orthodox biker, Alexandr Zaldostanov (“The Surgeon”), who was subject to U.S. sanctions. He explained that his friends had died in “Novorossiya.” One of the formal creators of the movement is senator Dmitry Sablin, who was a member of the State Duma from Yedinaya Rossiya from 2003 to 2013.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina
Source: Radio Liberty

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  • Dirk Smith

    Which one will step up to be Ernst Roehm?

    • Michel Cloarec

      Luckily one of them or all of them ! Just sit and wait when purification starts !

  • Mephisto

    Russian nazi scum. In 2004 Putler got scared by the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, so he created the Putlerjugend organization Наши to prevent something similar happening in Russia. However, in 2011 during the Moscow protests the Nashi failed, so he turned to Cossacks. And now this Fighting Brotherhood. All of them are just useful idiots for the putlerite regime. Putin purposefully chooses various low-IQ elemements such as skinheads, motorbike gangs, Kossacks etc. and buys them with some privileges.

  • Azazello Blasphemikov

    These people are on my personal list to shit on their graves: Putler, Zaldostanov, Girkin… Bhey want to copy the Nazi-Tyranny.

    But at the end they will fail, because it is not 1933.

  • TheBlogFodder

    So are these the Brownshirts or the Blackshirts?