Donetsk teachers come out with Ukrainian flags, asking for help



Donetsk teachers have appealed to their countrymen to help free them from terrorist militants. They rallied on the Donetsk Bridge with Ukrainian flags in their hands.

The teachers point out that what is happening now in Donetsk is an absolute outrage.  Pro-Ukrainian teachers are being kidnapped and tortured.

Message signed by activist teachers:

“Donetsk Oblast is currently ruled by terrorist groups that have subordinated local authorities, taken over private buildings and industrial plants, organized their own tax system and bank, and intervened in the health and education sector. They consistently and persistently destroy anything Ukrainian that was created earlier in the Donbas. They have banned Ukrainian symbols, the Ukrainian language is perceived as a provocation, and anything said in defense of Ukraine or the Ukrainian Army is viewed as direct enemy propaganda. We are in a state of complete psychological isolation with regard to information. We are asking our countrymen to help us and liberate our land! Sincerely, Donetsk Ukrainians.”

Translated by: Christine Chraibi

Source: ICTV

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  1. Avatar Kruton says:

    Free Ukraine of these sub-humanoid Bolshevik child molesters!

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      This is what’s called an “afghanistan tornado”.
      Ukraine needs this technology to puree the russian apes on the ground in Ukraine.

  2. Avatar Rods says:

    The world like to conveniently forget that the MAJORITY of the people in the regions taken over by the terrorists are of Ukrainian decent and want to remain part of Ukraine.

    The fact that the US and EU won’t supply defensive weapons to help defend against these Russian scum is an affront to western values an all of the leaders should be hanging their heads in shame..

  3. Avatar Eddy Verhaeghe says:

    Those people humble me, but alas not our Western politicians that don’t dare to provide Ukraine with even only defensive weaponry.

  4. Avatar Oleg Tokmakov says:

    What are U smoking, guys, writing this bullshit, huh? It’s a fake.

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      Ukrainians should always be supported, now or two monts or 8 months ago.

      They are trying to rid their country of the raping and looting apes from russia.
      All humans should support that.

    2. Avatar jwz says:

      LOL, says the toker. And everything they say in Russia was delivered personally by Jesus, right?

    3. Avatar Mat says:

      It was yanked when it came to my attention that this was published.

  5. Avatar Тарас Назарук says:

    Хоча текст актуальний, фото 6-місячної давності.

    1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      It is not because a photo is 6 months old, that the photo loose its value !
      Look at your photo album at home, I am sure there are photo of you as a baby. Do you exist or not ?
      Stupid comment meets with sacarstisk answers. Blame yourself !

  6. Avatar Observer says:

    That picture was taken back in April:
    Your propaganda website should be much more careful.

    1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      This photo is 12 hours old !
      Of course I can´t see the russian flag, so it is obsolete !

  7. Avatar Stalins Stalin says:

    Lol way to go on the propaganda! Its a few months old.

    1. Avatar jwz says:

      Speaking of propaganda, we’re still waiting to see footage of Ukrainians nailing 3 year olds to crosses as Russia claimed. Also waiting to see a video, or even a photo of a single grateful person in Luhansk receiving humanitarian aid from Russia. I mean, with the tons of aid you sent to hundreds of thousands of people, surely someone thought to snap a pic to show the west you’re not the evil bastards we know, I mean we think, you are. Nope? Nothing? Hmmmm.

    2. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      How old are you ? STUPID COMMENT!

  8. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    When West says that there are recently coming russian tanks in Ua. Is it propaganda ? When Lavrov says there are no russian military in Ua, is it propaganda ? YES IT IS !
    Propaganda doesn´t always mean fakes or lies !
    These teachers are right ! On Novorossia News Agency it is the mini presidents themselves writing how they want their mini republics to be ! Sovjet chaos !

  9. Avatar Susan Laskowska says:

    Why don’t they ask the Ukrainian Army to fight for them?