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Article by: Vitaliy Portnikov (via Radio Liberty)

Experts commenting on the results of the newest Levada Center poll emphasize the growth of critical attitudes by Russians regarding the war in Ukraine. But this is more likely due to a desire for reassurance on the part of the analysts, who are trying to find positive trends in the attitudes of Russian society. Indeed, the percentage of respondents who believe that Russia is responsible for the bloodshed and loss of life in Eastern Ukraine has grown somewhat — from 17% to 20% compared to August. But this increase is within the statistical margin of error.

Yes, we could assume that if Russia were not an authoritarian state, there could be a relatively influential anti-chauvinist opposition representing about 20% of the voters, despite the fact that at least 80%, regardless of differences in political views, would still provide the core support for a chauvinistic, war-mongering, and repressive government.

The meeting on November 4, where leaders of the pseudo-opposition from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR, far-right political party in Russia — Ed.), and the Just Russia Party held hands with the representatives of the United Russia party (current ruling party — Ed.) demonstrated this unification of revanchists quite clearly. And the poll results confirm that there is no basis for claiming that Russian society has “seen the light.” The vast majority (70%), as before, respond negatively when questioned about Russia’s responsibility for the war in Ukraine.

Only half of those surveyed — at a time of serious economic conditions and the rapid devaluation of the national currency — believe that the Russian government should have concentrated on the country’s internal problems. For 36% of the respondents, Russia’s geopolitical interests are more important. Furthermore, the number of Russians who believe it is important to take care of Russia’s problems has even decreased by 5% when compared to results this summer. This could be attributed to statistical error. But the gist of the matter is this: about 40% of the citizens do not care about conditions in their own country. They are ready to live on its ruins just as long as Russia is “feared” by those whom the residents of this rapidly deteriorating country profoundly envy.

It has been assumed that Putin and Russian TV are to blame for all the troubles of Russian society. However, as we can see, 20% of the citizens have not submitted either to Putin or to Russian TV. But 80% percent have successfully avoided the truth even when it was presented to them in the ’90s. Instead, they openly awaited the return of the Soviet Union and considered the Stalin era the height of Soviet power. Putin simply read the public mood accurately and, seeing the real prospects of the opposition after the Bolotnaya Square demonstrations, decided to rely on the chauvinistically inclined majority. (In May 2012, thousands of people demonstrated in Moscow against rigged elections and Putin’s return to the presidency for a third term — Ed.)

Therefore, it is useless to expect that the Russians will “sober up” — they are as sober as ever. And the government is simply telling them what they have wanted to hear for all these decades. It is true that a responsible political class of people may yet appear in Russia, who will not pander to the views of the lumpen class and who will be capable of changing the country and telling it the truth about historical errors and crimes and about the economic degradation. But for this to happen, Russian society must hit rock bottom in this crisis and to understand who is really responsible for the chauvinism and the fratricide. Without such an understanding, Russians will remain a society united by hate and aggression.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Radio Svoboda

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  • Michel Cloarec

    All the attemps to change russian society and not to succeed is the goal of all the russia´s leaders. Therefore the russians do not care about what can happen with the country.

  • Michel Cloarec

    Alexei Mozgovoi, Pro-Russian insurgent commander: “Don’t you like it? It is high time for to remember that you are Russians! Time to remember your Russian spirituality!”

    The remarks came shortly after two suspected sex offenders were sentenced to death following a show of hands in a kangaroo court made up of local residents.

    The summary executions and threats to arrest women on so-called decency grounds are reminiscent of the style of justice adopted by the Taliban in parts of Afghanistan. There are reports that a number of Russians who came to fight in the Donbas practice a hardline brand of Christian extremism which has flourished under Russian leader Vladimir Putin
    (from Uatoday tv) 14/11/08

    • jil

      ISIS simply represents true Koran-based Islam, following the teachings of the Koran- not some anti- Koran “extremism.”
      Islam, according to the Koran word for word, requires that all non-Muslims are to be killed (beheaded) or subjugated- the koranic commandment of “dhimmi”. Further, the Koran teaches that Muslims should deceive and lie to further Islam- the koranic commandment of “taqqiya”( eg lying by saying that Islam is a religion of “peace” etc.) Notice how all this is identical with Marxist Leninism- Lenin said that 90% of humanity should be killed if necessary to achieve his personal demonic agenda. On April 16, 1856 Marx wrote that those who will not submit to communism must perish in a “holocaust”- he used exactly that word.
      Both ISIS and Russia continue to act according to the same demonic spiritual roots: Lying to achieve hegemony through genocide.

    • Milton Devonair

      “It is high time for to remember that you are Russians! Time to remember your Russian spirituality!”

      then he immediately fell forward, face first into a pile of his own vomit. Immediately the rest of the russians all lunged forward to start stripping whatever valuables they could off of him, only to realize that he had traded all he had for that bottle of radiator fluid laced with vodka and rubbing alcohol.
      “Yes”, they then murmured, looking down at the commander, laying face first in his vomit, pockets turned out, empty, “yes, we are russian spirituality.”

  • Michel Cloarec

    How to stop all these DNA to spread further ?

  • Paul P. Valtos

    Of course after 70 years of Communist totalitarian rule Russians will believe anything that the government says since they are like trained monkeys or Pavlov’s dog. Ring the bell and they will chant any slogan. Never being allowed to think for themselves since logic in the Communist mind is dangerous, intellectuals, priests, philosophers, poets were murdered when they took over Poland, Czechoslovakia (threw Masaryk out the window) Bulgaria, Romania and East Germany. As long as you chant the party line you will be safe but starved, poorly housed (if we give you a house it will surely fall apart of collapse in a few years) shortages of food stuffs etc. Welcome to communist nirvana.The party will deliver, the party, the party. like the nonsense sung by the Germans in East Germany. Insane.

    • Milton Devonair

      That’s why they always have to steal things–it’s not in their interest to create anything as someone else will steal it from them there. That’s why russia is such a retrograded, retarded society and culture. A new ‘berlin wall’ would be nice and humans would probably help build it just to keep the russians in russia.

  • Kruton

    Like I said,Russians are crazy.

  • Mazepa

    Reportedly, a nuclear device has already been slated for st. petersburg, mockovshchyna. There is no going back now.
    Smert mockalyam.

  • Bob Sincl

    Pro-government Ukrainians / “Patriots” think today they are at war with Russia while it’s just a everyday-day of the week in Russia. There’s no hate towards Ukrainians in general (pbly rather compassion). Also they are not united.. check out liberal, anti-government media in Russia and pro-Kremlin media.. It’s like a parallel universe.