The heroic defense of Donetsk airport – English video

War in the Donbas

How is it possible for the Ukrainian army, special forces, paratroopers, motorized infantry with the support of volunteers to defend the Donetsk airport for so long? Why are the defenders called “cyborgs” by their enemies? Espreso TV’s program “Front line stories” explores the defense of the Donetsk airport by Ukrainian forces.

If the subtitles don’t turn on automatically, please switch on the captions by clicking the button.

Translated by: vitexdp

Edited by: Alya Shandra

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  1. Avatar Don Casavant says:

    Something is wrong with the Video! It is not in English as promised! Please fix it!

    1. Avatar korpiveli says:

      It has English subtitles. You have to switch them on, 4th button from the right, bottom right corner of the video.

      1. Avatar Don Casavant says:

        Thank you!

  2. Avatar Don Casavant says:

    Great Video! I love the confidence of “Marshall” with an attitude like that he will never be defeated! This guy has bigger balls than the entire Russian Army!

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      People like him are Ukraine, thus why the russians can never conquer it. Even when they occupied it in soviet russia times, they never conquered the people of Ukraine.

  3. Avatar Murf says:

    Cocky bastards! You gotta love em. Unless they are shooting you of course.
    Then, not so much

    1. Avatar Don Casavant says:

      You said a pant-ful Murf!

  4. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

    “the Ukrainian army puts their dead in uniforms [of the terrorists] to hide their losses” ???

    What complete, ignorant, apes. No wonder russia has never had anything but a dictatorial criminal thug for a leader as those that he governs are an embarrassment to mankind.
    And most of those terrorists in the video look like criminal trash and/or propagandized dogs as they are clueless, lead by criminals that have no idea how to wage military actions. Proof they are at their finest against unarmed women and children, the criminal thugs that they are.
    And yes, like thugs, they want to fight you…until you fight back, then they want you to stop it…
    Keep up the good work Ukraine.

    For the russians out there some help:

    1. Avatar Don Casavant says:

      Great post Milt…I agree 100%. Well said

  5. Avatar Kruton says:

    Glory to the Heroes!