Russian Special Service plan attacks on Moscow Patriarchate churches in Ukraine



The Press Center of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kyiv Patriarchate posted on its official site  10/10 2014 that Russian Special Service forces are preparing provocations against the Moscow Patriarchate.  These attacks are planned for the 14th of October, the Feast of the Holy Virgin.


Former President Bill Clinton visits Kyiv Pecherska Lavra 2010

“Under the disguise of Ukrainian nationalists and Kyivan Patriarchate supporters, provocateurs are planning attacks on the Kyivan Pecherska Lavra and churches of the Moscow Patriarchate. We are receiving information from many regions in Ukraine concerning the spread of flyers pretending to be from Ukrainian patriots and members of the Kyivan Patriarchate. These flyers call for physical attacks on the spiritual leadership of the Moscow Patriarchate and the takeover of their churches on October 14. To the best of our knowledge, the higher officials of the Moscow Patriarchate plan to be abroad at that time.”


Interior, Kyiv Pecherskla Lavra


“The Press Center of the Kyivan Patriarchate affirms that the Kyivan Patriarchate is not connected with any of these preparations against the Moscow Church officials or their churches. Also that the Kyivan Patriarchate has no connection with these flyers and severely condemns any actions against the Moscow clerics and churches.”


Kyiv Pecherska Lavra

“While some representatives of the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine allow themselves to lead anti-Ukrainian and separatist agitation, they should do so in a lawful manner and not by criminal force.”


Soviets destroying churches

The Kyivan Patriarchate further called for everyone not to take part in “the preparation and implementation of any criminal actions directed against the clerics and churches of the Moscow Patriarchate, including this one planned for October 14 by the Russian special services.”


Translated by: Adrian Bryttan


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