Belarus President Lukashenko declares Russia must return almost all its territory to Kazakhstan and Mongolia



In a TV interview, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko asserted that Moscow’s claim of Crimea always being Russian territory is just not true. He went on to say that most of today’s Russian lands belonged to Kazkhstan and Mongolia since the age old times of Khan Batey. Therefore now this land must be returned to its historical roots. Lukashenko said this was the logical outcome of Russia’s arguments for its annexation of Crimea.

Transcript of accompanying video:

(Belarus President Lukashenko speaking) .”.. [they claim] something like ‘Crimea was given improperly to Ukraine, that it was Russian territory from time immemorial’ and so forth and so on… but this is an incorrect assessment… Hey, c’mon, then let’s return to the past ages of Khan Batey… then they would have to give back to Mongolia practically all the territory of Russia, and western Europe, and eastern Europe… well, except Belarus – they [Mongolians] approached us, but did not conquer us.”

Translated by: Adrian Bryttan


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  1. Avatar Thomas Ferree says:

    Notice the cups on the table – – – don’t know what magical elixir is in the cup but please prepare a cup of correct history, logic, and common sense that the Belarusian President is drinking and then invite Mr. Putler to drink a cup or two! Hmm . . . maybe the interview was just a comic satire to give the local Belarusians a diversion from the usual RuSSkie propaganda?

    1. Avatar W8post says:

      But what was it what you really wanted to say? Please, explain your ‘correct history’! (I’m always in for a correct history lesson)

      1. Avatar Danny Smith says:

        History lesson? one that was not written by Stalin or Russia since they are always written falsely

  2. Avatar Brent says:

    Isn’t this the same ‘trained seal’ that keeps claiming there are no Russian troops in Donbass?
    He might be in line for a ‘Litvinenko’ cocktail if he doesn’t recant…

    1. Avatar W8post says:

      Trained seals only applaud….

  3. Avatar jmundstuk says:

    This doesn’t make sense. Luko is Putin’s closest buddy, isn’t he? Why would he say such a thing??

    1. Avatar Stan Fisher says:

      Who wants $, pretends to be a friend

    2. Avatar Jari Hämäläinen says:

      Lukashenko is Putin’s friend only when it is profitable for himself.

    3. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      No reactions yet from Kremlin about this manover ! Only to wait to see !
      Even if you have a “friend ” and you know that this friend is going to make a hell for all Europe during the coldest time of year, well, you have to think twice how friendly is your friend. As far as I know I don´t see a privat pipeline to Belarus . Putin will not make exception . Freeze all of you, you did not congratulate me on my birthday !
      For info: Average living older in Russia is 62… ha ! ha !

  4. Avatar steve34609 says:

    Actually,over the long run, once Lukashenko and Putler are history…I can see Belarus actually joing the EU as a full member. This TERRORIZES the kremlin,I’m sure. I wonder what slur they will come up with for Belarussians if they turn westward as well?

    1. Avatar W8post says:

      Aren’t we ALL history in the long run?

    2. Avatar Tudval says:

      Full member? Yeah, I can see that as a 50 year project. At that point you’ll have to ask yourself if it’ll have any meaning at all. Already that concept is stretched., as a two, or even three tier EU membership is evident.

  5. Avatar Samuli Glöersen says:

    Putin’s arguments for the annexation are an agression not just against Ukraine’s souvereignity bnut against souvereignity of any souvereign nation with Russian speaking population. Any president of any other country than Russian Federation would think this line of argument is not sound.

  6. Avatar Rods says:

    My understanding is that Crimea was not given Ukraine but got this salt marsh in return for relinquishing the same area as Crimea in prime farmland around the Taganrog area. So if they want Crimea, when are they going to return this?

    It is also worth reading the recent Euromaiden article:

    “Crimea is Not Historically ‘Ours,’ Russian Historian Says in ‘Vedomosti’”

    Which states that:

    “As far as time of control is concerned, the Ottoman Empire controlled Crimea for three centuries, the Russian Empire for 134 years, the RSFSR and the Russian Federation which has declared itself that entity’s successor 34 years, and “the Ukrainian SSR and present-day Ukraine 60 years (from 1954 to 2014).””

    This is hardly time immemorial. But then again whenever it comes to Putin’s alternative reality for propaganda purposes, his reality and the truth are normally very distant cousins!

  7. Avatar sandy miller says:

    I think I’m actually starting to like Lukashenko. His right….if Putler wants to play that game he needs to return all Russian lands to their previous owners. Lukashenko is right in his history…Russian for centuries has been making up their own history and not the truth.

    1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      All this seems to be a “hoax” orchestred from the kremlin !

  8. Avatar RHg says:

    Hmm, some areas in northwestern Russia should then be returned to Finland, but I’m not sure if we’d want to have them back, considering what condition they are in after 70 years of Russian “care”.

  9. Avatar Tudval says:

    You guys are so funny, though it’s really not funny to be clueless. All day sitting there at your computer hoping somebody will carve some territory out of Russia. Be it China, Mongolia , Chechnya whoever. I only say: be careful what you wish for. I won’t , of course, try to convince a pro-kiev activist that it was the right thing to do in Crimea. For you Russia is the enemy du jour and you wish well for her enemies.. BUT ask yourself what would happen if Russia falls at the hands of some asian invaders? Not that it’s likely anytime soon, I’m really asking what will happen to YOU? For answers, go read some History, chapter ‘Dark Ages’.