Belarus President Lukashenko declares Russia must return almost all its territory to Kazakhstan and Mongolia



In a TV interview, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko asserted that Moscow’s claim of Crimea always being Russian territory is just not true. He went on to say that most of today’s Russian lands belonged to Kazkhstan and Mongolia since the age old times of Khan Batey. Therefore now this land must be returned to its historical roots. Lukashenko said this was the logical outcome of Russia’s arguments for its annexation of Crimea.

Transcript of accompanying video:

(Belarus President Lukashenko speaking) .”.. [they claim] something like ‘Crimea was given improperly to Ukraine, that it was Russian territory from time immemorial’ and so forth and so on… but this is an incorrect assessment… Hey, c’mon, then let’s return to the past ages of Khan Batey… then they would have to give back to Mongolia practically all the territory of Russia, and western Europe, and eastern Europe… well, except Belarus – they [Mongolians] approached us, but did not conquer us.”

Translated by: Adrian Bryttan


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