“Map of Death”: Concentration camps and mass graves of Ukrainian civilians and military




The Security Service of Ukraine began the process of identifying locations of concentration camps and mass graves created by terrorists in the Donbas stated Markiyan Lubkivsky, the advisor to the head of the Security Service, at a briefing on Friday, as reported by “Interfax-Ukraine.”

“We have started a very long and complicated process of identifying locations of concentration camps and mass graves in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts,” – he said.

Lubkivsky said that these are graves of killed Ukrainian military and civilians.

According to him, Ukrainian secret services actually started to compile a “Map of Death” showing crimes against humanity conducted by the militants.

He said that this is only the beginning of work and the map is yet incomplete.

To this end, the Security Service uses data from other agencies, information from various sources, including the locals, as well as satellite images.

According to Lubkivsky, counterintelligence data indicate that terrorists have introduced inhumane governance in the occupied territory.

“From the first days, terrorists such as Girkin, Bezler and their minions introduced illegal practices of totalitarian regimes. They replaced the judicial and law enforcement authorities by retaliatory ones and created a system of so-called “troikas” which imprisoned people without charge or trial, tortured them in basement cellars, handed down sentences and executed the prisoners by shooting” – he stressed.

Lubkivsky drew a parallel with the events of twenty years ago in mass concentration camps in Srebrenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina), where violent and inhumane treatment was also performed.

The Security Service of Ukraine hopes to investigate every incident together with the OSCE and UN agencies, punish those responsible for crimes and condemn them by the world community.

As soon as new territory or town will be freed from terrorists, close relatives will be asked to provide blood samples to identify each body found in mass graves.

“There will be brought to justice so-called “commandants” and “guards” of the concentration camps, as well as members of the so-called “shooting execution group,” which following in the steps of the Nazis and Russian NKVD police adopt noms de gerre such as “Abwehr,” “Muller,” “Hans,” “Psycho,” “Beria,” “Smersh” and so on”- emphasized Lubkivsky.

The ATO&Crimea website has published an English translation of the map together with a list of the crimes that have taken place.

Source: http://atocrimea.ukrinform.ua


Translated by: A. N.
Source: Ukrayinska Pravda

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  • sandy miller

    Why isn’t someone outside the ukrainians looking into this? All that will happen is the terrorists blame the Ukrainian army for everything and for some reason no one seems to or wants to blame the terrorists.

    • jmundstuk

      Do it!

    • Brent

      For starters, you have an American President who so far has even refused to provide even defensive weaponry to assist Ukrainians who are more than willing to defend their country. As Poroshenko said, they cannot defend themselves with blankets. Then you have Europe full of “useful idiots” for leaders and more interested in appeasing Putin and not jeopardizing their economies and thinking they can keep giving him offramps and rewarding him with frozen conflict zones. Ukraine is the latest territory he has invaded and the Baltics are facing more and more pressure and will be next. NATO’s new leader is more of a diplomat and will be another in a long line of appeasers to Putin who proclaimed recently his approval of the choice.

      Sadly, I almost chuckled at the irony of the evidence being turned over to the OSCE (who claimed they would put 500 monitors into the conflict zone after the Minsk ceasefire agreement), and the United Nations who have done nothing to try to prevent Russia from continuing its expansion into Ukraine or shown any willingness to put peacekeepers into Ukraine.

      These 21st century “Neville Chamberlains” will be remembered as the feckless who turned a blind eye to Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, and gave any credence to its propaganda. The Western media who is also blind to these atrocities so commonly being reported will also have to answer for why they gave any creedence to Putin’s lies and propaganda.

  • Dirk Smith

    The fascination with some nomadic terrorists in the Middle East will cause WWIII as the real culprit resides in Moscow. The KGB dwarf must be eliminated.