Head of the National Fiscal Service: Nearly 600 Enterprises Destroyed In Donbas


War in the Donbas

396 companies are destroyed in the Donetsk Region, about 200 companies destroyed in Luhansk, as informed by the chairman of the National Fiscal Service Igor Bilous.

Since the beginning of the anti-terrorist operation nearly 600 companies have been destroyed in the Donbas. This was stated by the Chairman of the National Fiscal Service Igor Bilous, writes “Ukrinform.”

“396 companies destroyed in the Donetsk Oblast, about 200 companies destroyed in Luhansk. These are companies in a state where a quick restoration will fail. We are talking about physical destruction,” – said Bilous.

The National Security & Defense Council reported that about 4,000 infrastructure facilities in the Luhansk Oblast are damaged.

In connection with the fighting in the Donbas, the national budget was undercollected by UAH 4.4bn (about US $350mn) in taxes.

Ukraine together with the European Union will assess damages from the military conflict in the eastern regions, the costs can reach US $8bn.

The military conflict in the Donbas began in April of this year and in some cities is still going on. In recent months, both sides of the confrontation are using heavy military equipment. In some communities, entire buildings and other infrastructure are destroyed. For example, according to government officials, as a result of the confrontation the airport in the city of Luhansk was completely destroyed.


Source:  GORDON.UA

Translated by A. Nikitchyuk


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