Lost Ivan



“Lost Ivan” is looking for Russian soldiers in Ukraine.

“Lost Ivan” is a portal in which pictures and data of Russian Army’s missing soldiers are posted. Many of them, according to people describing their fate, were heading for military exercises but eventually died in Ukraine.

The descriptions available at the LostIvan.ru portal concern circumstances of the disappearance of Russians or of their deaths, and are often very detailed. The soldiers are identified by their names and surnames and also by their military ranks and the units they were serving in.

For example, we find that “Sergey Zdanovych” left for military manoeuvres to Rostov (the largest city of the oblast adjacent to Ukrainian Donbas) but “he died while storming the Donetsk airport on May 26th”.

According to inforesist.org which took a careful look at the site, some of the soldiers’ profiles are supplemented with information about the region of Russia they come from, the last time they contacted their relatives, and the content of those conversations.

The website is still quite new and the data on it is constantly changing and being supplemented.

Officially, Russia does not admit that any of its soldiers are in Ukraine. After Russians from airborne units were captured in August, Moscow assured the world that the soldiers  had crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border by accident and had not resisted when they were detained.

Source: tvn24.pl, translated by Anonymous, edited by R. White and L. Spencer


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  • Brent

    Putin’s disregard for those who give their lives for his ’cause’ is very difficult for most normal people to understand. HOWEVER, that is the difference between civilized human beings and Putin. He exhibited this behavior previously with the Kursk submarine accident. He did it with his wars against Chechnya and Georgia. Joe Biden was the only leader who looked in his eyes and knew there was no soul there. The rest keep giving him ‘offramps’ and ways to ‘save face’. They are leading all of us into a greater and more dangerous conflict by showing him they are weak and willing to bend to his demands.

    Putin is not looking for a ‘win-win’ situation, but an ‘I win-you lose’ scenario. It’s time to show him what losing is all about. Start with his armed forces, his economy, his country, and eventually his life. Then we will be done with him and his lies and propaganda once and for all.

    Does anyone out there miss Hitler?

    • Doug Retter

      If Joe Biden can see it, anyone should be able to see who this monster is.