The smoking gun: Russian column confirmed in Krasnodon


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Russia has invaded Ukraine and now there is irrefutable proof.

Today a Krasnodon local riding on trolleybus route Nr.1 connecting Krasnodon with Molodohvardiysk filmed a Russian mechanized column near the village of Sukhodolsk on its way towards Luhansk.

There is no doubt that the video was taken inside Ukraine. The location has been geolocated as at the 40 second mark a street sign comes into view: M04-E40 (see below). The M04-E40 begins at the Russian-Ukrainian border passes South of Luhansk and splits in Debaltseve where the E40 continues along the M03. Therefore the video was undeniably taken deep inside Ukraine.

Krasnodon Russian army


At least 13 T-72BM main battle tanks, 42 BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles, 6 MT-LB armored personnel carries, 31 troop carrying trucks, a regimental headquarters, armored ambulances, engineering vehicles and at least 15 fuel trucks in the same color scheme carrying at least a thousand troops is without a doubt a regular unit of the Russian Armed Forces. Even more so as the tanks are of the T-72BM model, which are only in service with the Russian Army. Also, the soldiers all wear standard issue Russian uniform and in case of the truck transported infantry the newest Russian Army camouflage (below).



Krasnodon Russian army

Russian military personnel

Further proof that this is a regular Russian military unit comes from the Russian language warning “огнеопасно” (flammable) on the columns fuel trucks, a warning that would be in Ukrainian language (“вогненебезпечно“) if these trucks had been captured from the Ukrainian Army.

"Flammable" in Russian

“Flammable” in Russian

The so-called rebels and their apologists already claim that the “local self-defense forces” captured all of this equipment from the Ukrainian Army. This would require one to believe that the rebels managed to capture an entire regiment worth of undamaged equipment (not accounting for the plethora of exclusively Russian-made tanks); and also captured an entire set of ambulances, command and control trucks, fuel tanks and engineering vehicles that are typical of a Russian mechanized regiment. We would also need to believe in this scenario that the “rebels” managed to capture it all at the same time in an area where the Ukrainian army does not operate and on top of that we should believe that the “rebels” had over a 1,000 men in Russian military uniform at hand to man the “captured vehicles.”


This is a Russian military unit inside Ukraine advancing towards the front with everything that is needed to fight.

This is the smoking gun.

But we already knew that, right?

By Thomas Theiner, edited by Mat Babiak


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  1. Avatar Opie Jones says:

    The war began a long time ago. Putin has been planning this for years. And Strelkov was leading the “rebels” in the East for months.

    1. Avatar alex3517 says:

      NATO has been planning this war for years. Have you heard of Russian military bases in Mexico? Canada? No? And how about NATO bases in Lithuania, or possible future bases in Eastern Ukraine? So who is advancing, and who is defending?

      1. Avatar Opie Jones says:

        Putin is advancing, Ukraine is defending. Lithuania is pretty happy to be out from under the hammer and sickle. Does that help?

  2. Avatar Brent says:

    The sad part is there will still be many “liars” like Putin and his lapdog Lavrov, “deniers” like the Kremlin controlled trolls on the websites who are still getting woodies from the shirtless Putin photos, and too many governments who don’t to sacrifice their economies for the sake of saving lives of innocent victims whose country was invaded several months ago.

    If this column alone is 1,000 troops strong, it worries me to think how many other thousands of Russian troops are already in Donbass. The best Ukraine likely can do is fill up the “Cargo 200” trucks so more weeping widows and mothers will make Russia realize this is their new Afghanistan. But at least in that war, the U.S. willingly provided defensive weapons to the country the Soviets invaded. Yes, “Red Line” Obama, your legacy is pretty much written in stone with how you would provide anything more than 300,000 military rations and boatloads of empty rhetoric and finger wagging to the besieged Ukraine.

    1. Avatar rokbrigade says:

      What Ukraine should do now is implement a full scale guerilla war on Russia. I mean go deep inside Russia and destroy their infastructure a little at a time. I mean destroy dams, nuclear power plants, military bases, ICBM sites, military industries. Take the war to them for a change. Also go into Crimmea and wreck havoc down there. Blow up the ships that are anchored there. I’m sure a guerilla unit can sink afew ships. U.S. should also take some of these units and have the U.S. Navy SEALS and the Green Berets train them in sabotage and hit and run tactics. They can even go across the border into Poland and the Polish Special Forces will be more than happy to train their Ukrainian brothers.

      1. Avatar novictim says:

        That has got to be on the table. This can turn really nasty for Russia and the Mother Russians.

        You know, Ukraine has assembled several atomic bombs in the 500kiloton range (Nagasaki size). A test demonstration might cool the heals of the Russian military. I hope they are considering this.

        1. Avatar Brent says:

          I’ve got a site to suggest for the first test…hopefully Vlad will be lounging in the courtyard when the test is commenced….

          Hopefully Ukraine can make Russians have many fond remembrances of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, being they’ve become so nostalgic for the past…

        2. Avatar ralucagymnast says:

          500 kilotons is NOT the size of the Nagasaki bomb; the “Fat Man” bomb was 22 kilotons. Hiroshima (“Little Boy”) was 12-15 kilotons.

      2. Avatar FunkyWinkerbean says:

        it will come to that if this thing gets to a mass invasion of Ukraine.

      3. Avatar GOLDENEYE says:

        Very much agreed, It is NATO against Russian aggression and not only that the realization that China is also fishing around in troubled waters should rattle some minds in high political office. Obama should not be preoccupied
        with the Middle East, A thread of an idea is whether or not ISIL and Russia are acting in tandem. I suggest all possibilities be explored and all options on the table.

    2. Avatar Donald Casavant says:

      Come on…the current POTUS is a pussy. He is too worried about the next election to do anything except talk! He has drawn more red lines then a teacher correcting a paper written by an idiot!

    3. Avatar κιτσιου says:

      Coz Russia would invade another country with some rusty T-72 and some armored vehicles.
      Listen to yourself!

      1. Avatar Brent says:

        Unless Russia is stopped, Ukraine is not the end of their soldier’s ‘war vacations’. The Baltics are next.

        Maybe you’d like them to come to Greece?

        1. Avatar κιτσιου says:

          You are brainwashed.
          Come on Skype and ill explain you stuff

          1. Avatar Brent says:

            Yes, I should waste my time with having someone from Greece tell me how the world works and whining about austerity measures imposed on their bankrupt nation That ship sailed 2,500 years ago “Plato”.

          2. Avatar κιτσιου says:

            Tough guy on the internet! WOW!

  3. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

    The apes are lined up, waiting to go in and start their raping, looting and murdering of unarmed civilians. They’re russians…’s what they do.

    1. Avatar tga999 says:

      Russians are not bad people, aside from a minority of fanatical nationalists. Unfortunately too many have been hoodwinked into going along with their megalomaniacal leader.

      1. Avatar Mat says:

        The fanatical nationalists is not a minority by any stretch of the imagination.

        1. Avatar LorCanada says:

          Putin poured $300 Million $$$ into his Russia media propaganda machine that churns out “disinformation” 24/7.

      2. Avatar LorCanada says:

        Amusing heading of a sketch:
        Mr. Putin washes your brain whiter than white
        Eliminates 99.9% of neurons

      3. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

        They have been a plague upon humans since 1918. And talking to russians, they still say “[fill in the country]” is ours, part of russia.
        Nevermind the people in the other country doesn’t speak their language, has different food, customs, music, physical characteristics, religion, etc.

        So saying “russians are ignorant and arrogant” certainly is true. That may mean that some aren’t bad, but those qualities make them not good people, based upon their actions and outcomes.

        There is no ‘good/bad’ value component in ignorance.

        1. Avatar Amoun says:

          Wow….you sure are angry at Russians.

          1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            Actually, I and other humans don’t mind russians if they would just stay in russia. The problem with russians is they are an ignorant people, so they are very easy to fill their head with propaganda, then they go out and take over other people’s countries, initially as some sort of ‘defense of their motherland’, but it always boils down to stealing, looting, raping, murdering, etc.

            They need to stay in their pre-human history disneyland and not bother or threaten humans.

          2. Avatar Amoun says:

            I guarantee you that you do not speak for humans, and you saying such a thing and then calling Russians ignorant is….well, look up “irony”.
            You are quick to forget that there was no take over. The issue started when the degenerates from neo-nat parties violently overthrew the government in power (no matter how corrupt) and the people in the east did not agree with it and wanted to separate. Their request was met with bombs, so they armed them selves.

            After you look up irony, read the following:
            You speak of propaganda, yet the world, including germans, french, canadians, certain americans, etc are laughing at the situation and are appauled that such brainwashing is possible. I of course am not speaking for everyone, I am not arrogant to pretend to represent anyone. But what is extremely surprising to me, is that your own president is killing your people (read the news outside of UA), is selling your country, your land, US is getting ready to dump nuclear waste into your backyards while telling you it’s Russias fault….and you fall for it.
            I used to feel bad and be very upset at the situation, but when I saw how Ukrainians react…well….made a lot of sense why US chose you guys to manipulate.
            I mean, hey, I may be 100% wrong, but what I know from how politics and finance operate (I am in banking my self), you will not be afford basic needs in a amtter of a year or two due to all the loans your government is going to dump on your heads, while all the factories will be owned by oligarchs and the US alike. I mean even your president is not really a Ukrainian and was an agent of US.
            What I am saying, is that we can not say for sure what is actually going on, we never will, maybe in a few generations when files become declassified, but what I do know for sure is the pattern of anything Washington touches and how situations like these unfold. I would love to touch base with you in a year to see how the country is doing.

          3. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            “The issue started when the degenerates from neo-nat parties violently overthrew the government in power”

            Didn’t take you long at all to show your complete ignorance and of course, the always accompanied ‘arrogance’. Don’t tell me, you’re a russian? A useful idiot of them? An apparatchik? Hopefully you are getting some sort of reward (job/money/loot) because if you’re defending another one of putin’s invasions and looting of another formerly free country, then you’re just a useful idiot.

            But don’t worry, since 1918 there are legion of useful idiots.
            And the castro family’s cuba is now recruiting ‘useful idiots’ in USA colleges… that’s news. Probably is to someone like you….

          4. Avatar Amoun says:

            Hey, out of curiosity, are you guys capable of posting something without throwing personal insults at anyone? Doubt it, but let’s move along.

            To answer your questions: no, no (also bad grammar) and no, but how much are they paid?

            And do you want to rephrase your post a little? It did not argue my point, at all and you just resorted to personal insults, like any Ukrainian defending K1ev.

            I will try again: “The issue started when the degenerates from neo-nat parties violently overthrew the government in power”. Argue that with me. the “you are an idiot, etc etc” is not a retort to what I said. Try again.

          5. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            “we can not say for sure what is actually going on”
            putin invaded yet another country as he’s looting and stealing all he can while assembling his eurasian kingdom.

            If russia weren’t involved, there’d be no russian or chechens in Ukraine, nor their weaponry….and Crimea would still be a free country.
            Sorry if those thoughts make you furious as you probably think those are ‘property of russia’ and the people there ‘property of russia’.
            Humans need to be highly armed and trained in order to defend themselves, their families and their countries against russia and russians.

            “but what I do know
            for sure is the pattern of anything Washington touches and how
            situations like these unfold.”

            lol comradski, Washington DC is only worried about their elections coming up, vacations, golf, gays, mexicans, black criminals and the weather.
            Like I say, ‘I hope you’re getting paid for what you are posting because if you actually believe what you type, you should be truly embarrassed’.

          6. Avatar Amoun says:

            “If russia weren’t involved, there’d be no russian or chechens in Ukraine, nor their weaponry….” I see your logic, but disagree with reasoning.

            American nationals, Chechen nationals, Poland nations, etc are fighting on K1ev’s side. Would that mean they are involved? Doubt it. I am from Canada, and if I go fighting for the east, does that make Canada [email protected] and means it is involved in the conflict? Doubt it.

            But like I said, the only parties yelling that Russia is supplying the rebels are K1ev and US, both of which have financial interest in UA as well as in defaming Russia, which is why I choose to trust OSCE and UN more so on this issue.

            Those thoughts do not make me furious, nor do I think they are “property of Russia”. It is actually one of the more ridiculous things I have heard in this whole issue and (sorry if this upsets you) but only makes me think of you as a brainwashed sheep, fed B S from websites such as this…..the view on the issue is beyond warped, but that is a personal opinion.

            Crimea is still a free country, no one is complaining, no riots, let alone people saying they did not want this. Again, I would rather trust logic and the world community (K1ev and US not included) in this issue.

            Your “Humans need to be highly armed and trained in order to defend themselves, their families and their countries against Russia and Russians” (I corrected the grammar for you) is yet another, really sad, statement I see coming from Ukrainians and you obviously are separating, or hinting at the separation, of Russians from the rest of the world as non-human. That was actually Hitlers view on things when it came to Jews, get what I am hinting at? It is also very low of you, and your nation. Personally, I never had an issue with Ukrainians, but the select group, which you are part of, give the whole nation a horrible name. Believe it or not, but here in Canada, people are weary of Ukrainians and not many want to deal with them. I did not believe it when I heard it, but after having the conversations with people such as your self, I see what those people meant (your choice whether to believe me or not)

            You can reject anything I say, to me, it honestly does not matter. I am not looking to change your opinion as I am all the way on the other side of the globe and the pillaging and poverty to come of your country will have no effect on me (except for maybe a few Americans and K1ev oligarchs getting richer on our side of the planet). What I am asking you to do, is use any neurons left firing and reason about this logically.
            If you HONESTLY do not think US is involved, then I can tell how powerful brainwashing is in your country and I would very strongly suggest that you read global news, not K1ev produced news. As a starting point, like I mentioned, look up nuclear waste dump in Ukraine and how an American company is overseeing it. Also, I guess you forgot who controls your gas company now.

            Logic, try it, it might hurt a little, but you may like it.

    2. Avatar Amoun says:

      I have not seen anyone make such claims against them until this conflict started. Where are you from your self? Or rather, what is your quarrel with the poor Russians?

      1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

        Jeez, serious?
        Do you know nothing of what they did from 1930s onward?
        Do you not know what they did in chechnya? Afghanistan? Georgia?

        russians will always be poor as they are an ignorant, easily fooled people with strong, but fake pride.

  4. Avatar RedGA says:

    More of those “lost” soldiers wandering around. Strange for such lost soldiers they seem very well organized. Hard to believe Russia would allow such incompetence of their forces to get lost with all of this equipment. And to think they would allow their soldiers to take all of this on leave….all together. This time of year you’d think they’d be with families vacationing in a quiet Crimea.

    1. Avatar wayneroyce says:

      A hunting trip;
      a Ukrainian hunting trip.

      1. Avatar LorCanada says:

        Yep, Crimea was too quiet! and boring. ;- )

  5. Avatar docks212 says:

    Would be awesome if all the sudden 30 NATO fighter bombers flew over and dropped 1000 pounders on the entire column.

    1. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

      Whoops! Dang, how did we get here? Where’s the Polish border? We were just flying a regular “training” sortie, and I guess we got lost. Oh, and you fired on us, allies of the sovereign nation over which we are flying, while you twerp on the ground are invaders. Hmm. I think that’s an act of war against the West. Lucky that flattop just happens to be in the Black Sea on war games…

      Much fun as this would be, and super satisfying, I really think it would be even more satisfying to simply show Putin that he brought a gun to an economics fight. Utter, complete, sectoral sanctions and complete assets freezes now. Everything we know about putin’s endless plundering of mother Russia laid bare for his people to appreciate. The Russian economy will collapse in three months, according to the experts. Three months. That’s before Christmas. S’novem Godem, Putin! There will be no more nuclear threat from Russia if the sanctions are kept on tightly. One cannot maintain hi-tech armaments with potatoes (or vodka). It takes real money, and real access to technology. We isolate him back to the Stone Age. There will be no fulfillment of the deal with china, either, because Putin needs loans to build the pipeline, and the china deal will barely pay enough profit to service the debt, if he can find the $. He sold the gas too cheaply.
      When Russia comes back to the bargaining table to beg recently into the western system of finance and trade, we require a security bond to ensure that treaties are kept and contracts observed; we know now that Russia’s word and even signature is worthless. So for recently, they must decommission all their nuke

  6. Avatar sandy miller says:

    I hope all you people also comment on other countries websites like HuffPost, AP,Reuters…the Putler trolls are all over everywhere spewing their lies. I try to post as ofen as possible on all the above. However, those stories seem to get to the Putler trolls and get to my site as much as 12 hours later after all those bastards have made up their lies.

    1. Avatar Opie Jones says:

      Not to worry – no one listens to them anyway.

  7. Avatar FunkyWinkerbean says:

    yes we did already know it.

  8. Avatar CFL68 says:

    Doesn’t Ukraine have any recon assets?

  9. Avatar CFL68 says:

    Ukraine needs real time intel assistance.

    Can’t some ‘third’ country provide them with some modern drones that can loiter at high altitude?

    Israel? Hello?

    1. Avatar Amoun says:

      Let’s be realistic: Ukraine is watched 24/7. The reason why there is no good inlet, is because they can not use it against Russia…..and simply because there aren’t any.

      1. Avatar CFL68 says:

        Are they geostationary? I doubt there is constant coverage. Separatists clearly getting armor and heavy weapons from Russia. I totally believe that both sides have captured equipment from each other, but there is no way that separatists captured hundreds of tanks, apcs, grad, etc. Not just the weapons, but the logistics of keeping them supplied with ammunition, rockets, etc.

        The Russian soldiers who were captured admitted to deliberately disguising the tanks with paint. They were ferrying weapons to separatists.

        I mean sure – you can play games pretending, but it just means you lack integrity,

        1. Avatar Amoun says:

          Yeah….I am “playing games pretending”…..
          let’s not lower out selves to that type of conversation, shall we?

          I would bet that there is, indeed, constant coverage. Russia and US both have their eyes on UA for two main reasons: Russia is on the defensive, US is looking for anything that will look remotely Russia to try and present that as evidence. However, so far, during what…5 months now, of conflict, NATO was unable to present anything viable. The only backup to aaany sort of information is : Top ranking Ukrainian official said that, according to unconfirmed reports[ insert news here], which, realisticly, especially in todays world of information and especially in conflict such as this, translates to: some dude, we dont know who, told another guy that he saw what he thinks, but isnt sure, might be, but not 100% something Russian. That’s the whole weight those points have.

          Also, I doubt that there are ‘hundreds” of tanks and APC. This would be more believable if the separatists had this equipment to begin with, but alas, they did not. The news of them having it only started appearing when UA army was moving in with them. Also, so far OSCE and UN both said they have no proof at all of Russia supplying the equipment and especially weapons….I mean to each their own, but I would rather trust two big organizations, rather than a government which was instated and controlled by US obviously aimed at Russia and has being presenting laughable evidence, at best, but to each their own.
          As for the Russian soldiers, I have just now googled it and saw nothing of the sort. I am not denying it, but until I see proof, what UA government says is not good enough. I would like to see a link.

          1. Avatar CFL68 says:

            Dude, Ukraine captured Russian soldiers who said they painted over the markings on their tanks, and drove them into Ukraine on a 3 day trip. The latest self appointed military leader of the DNR publicly thanked Russia for training thousands of fighters and sending hundreds of tanks and apcs. Just stop already…

            OSCE claim is funny. On the border crossing points where they are located (2-3?), they can claim that they didn’t see anything. That could be true. And you then turn that around to imply that the OSCE confirms that Russia did not send weapons to Ukraine from anywhere along a border stretching thousands of kilometers? Disingenuous ‘at best.’

            But whatever bro. I have absolute confidence that this thing will run its course and things will take their rightful place. Putin and Russia have created a blood feud with Ukraine, and destroyed 25 years of engagement and good will with west. He really should have quit with Crimea.

          2. Avatar Amoun says:

            Links to both of them would be very much appreciated.
            The soldiers admitting to repainting the tanks and supplying the freedom fighters with weapons
            As well as a link to the leader saying thanks to the Russian army for sending in military.
            Let’s start with that.

          3. Avatar CFL68 says:

            Zakharchenko thanks Russia:

            Captured soldiers admit to ferry weapons to DNR/LNR:


  10. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    Wonder how many of them are drunk?

    1. Avatar Trueteller says:

      It”s simple answer.How much I know Russians,they are drunk—ALL!

  11. Avatar Svarun says:

    Whoa, the video has been already removed… who’d ever guess that 🙁

  12. Avatar Owan Skirlan says:

    Well, Thomas was caught by banksters and now grabs any little coin! Isn’t it?

  13. Avatar alter ego says:

    бензовозы- с консервации, ещё советской армии. от того и надписи на русском. ополченцы много складов взяли. кстати, на Украине имеется более 600 штук т-72 на хранении.

  14. Avatar Czech Friend says:

    NATO in!

    Then wait what the cowardly lying war criminal has got to say.

    1. Avatar Amoun says:


  15. Avatar Brattik says:

    At least one country sees the needs of citizens of East Ukraine after months of schelling. i hope this stupid civil war will stop very soon. All have to respect the choise of local people to have more rights or get indepenent. See example Yugoslavia

  16. Avatar vrtak says:

    it is from Russia teritory no UA

  17. Avatar vrtak says:

    and what about US, Poland..Latvia…soldiers on UA side ?

  18. Avatar Amoun says:

    I am really disappointed by the majority here.

    I have not seen much of actual discussions, all I see, are a bunch of degenerates bad mouthing another nation, while their own government [email protected] them. I feel extremely bad for Ukrainians. For the east, because they fell victims to the powers that govern the great Ukraine now, as well as Ukrainians in the west, who either choose not to, or cant draw up their own conclusions and only rely on what they are told.
    It is a shame, it was a good nation, now it is getting pillaged by oligarchs and US. Good job Ukrainians, you have screwed up your country, no need in blaming someone else (then again, maybe that is why you and US get along so well)

  19. Avatar CFL68 says:

    Why not deploy global hawks or other top notch recon assets to Ukraine? US/UK and others could certainly do it under auspices of trying to help verify border security, etc. Budapest Memorandum also provides grounds for using recon to verify current state of affairs. Russia guaranteed not to threaten territorial integrity of Ukraine. Let other signatories make good faith efforts to clarify situation and monitor border.

    Sovereign Ukraine can invite US/UK to help clarify situation.

  20. Avatar Artlogin says:

    It’s pretty foolish to go only on the reports posted by all those one-sided and biased mass media, since every news during the information war is possible to turn up fake. The evidence given here isn’t decisive enough to bring such a grave accusation as an invasion on the territory of an independent state.

    The wave of indignation that was caused internally had got backed by the U.S. Department of State in order to render Ukraine pro-American. As to the ‘Russian financing of the separatists’, it really sounds like pot calling the kettle back as the USA is itself a separatist country, that has been supporting multiple anti-government movements worldwide from Panama (1903) to Ukraine (2014).

    P.S. I’d like to say in advance I don’t support Yeltsin’s faulty decision to go to war with Chechnya, so that the Ukrainian central authorities are to evade such a way of settling up a problem, because various allusions to Chechnya are expected to show up in replies by my opponents.

  21. Now this video is “set to private”. This is a growing problem I hope EuroMaidan will get to work on as well.

    Here’s my thread about this problem on G+ — with a copy of the video.