Kherson: Residents Kick Out “pro-Russian protesters”



Thirty people from Zaporizhya posing as pro-Russian residents of Kherson admit to receiving the money for the act.

The residents of Kherson disbanded the political rally organized by local pro-Russian oprganizations. They explained that the meeting is inviting another Donbas scenario in Kherson and Khersonska oblast – something to avoid.

The pro-Russian protesters gathered in the city center. They were carrying a variety of political posters, their topicas rtanging from war to increase in utility prices. According to TSN, once it became known that the meeting is organized by a local separatist poster face Serhiy Kirichenko, the opposing parties decided to pay a visit. Serhiy Kirtichenko is known in Kherson for his separatist sympathies; he also heads the local division of  russian organization “Concept of Civil Safety” (COB). COB is a fringe political organization, known for its conspirological world-view, antisemitism and aspirations to salvation through corporate stalinism.

Chanting “Shame!” and “Suitcase, Railstation, Russia!”, Kherson citizens dispersed the followers of “Russkiy Mir”. The Self-Defense took away the protester’s posters and banners and burned these visual aids. Kirichenko himself was beaten up and left for his home. Many pro-russian protesters escaped in their bus. The Self-defense of Kherson informed the activists and militia serving on Ciurupinsk blockpost about this bus. This allowed the militia to detain the “protesters”, who turned out to live in Zaporizhya. They admitted to receive compensation for taking part in the meeting posing as Russia-loving citizens.


translated by Anna Palagina

Source: Liga.Novosti



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