Iryna Dovhan, the woman humiliated by terrorists in Donetsk, has been released



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Iryna Dovhan, the Ukrainian citizen that soldiers from the terrorist battalion Vostok fighting for the DNR tied to a pillar and later arrested on charges of allegedly helping Ukrainian spotters, was released and will soon be reunited with her daughter. Dmitry Belyakov, a journalist that helped to release Dovhan, told this on air of Dozhd TV.

According to Belyakov, Vostok battalion commander Alexander Hodokovsky did not know that Dovhan was imprisoned on his base, and promised to punish those responsible.

“After my colleague Mark Franchetti’s intervention and mine, we managed to convince him that Irina must be freed. Actually, we didn’t really have to persuade him much – Alexander investigated the issue himself, was outraged at what happened, and confirmed that he did not know that this woman was kept at his base. He promised that the perpetrators would be punished. In general, I testify that Iryna Dovhan is now alive and well, she’s alright, and will be reunited with her daughter very soon,” said the journalist.

On August 26 militants of the Vostok battalion fighting for the terrorists tied Iryna Dovhan, wrapped in the national flag of Ukraine, to the pillar of shame in central Donetsk. The woman was given a sign “Agent of the punishers killing our children.” It was reported that passer-byers approached the woman and reproached her for her activity and position.

According to the website of the city of Donetsk, earlier separatists entered the home of a woman in Yasynuvata because there was a light in the window. At that time, the city was without electricity for the third week, while Dovhan had a diesel generator. In her house the separatists found Ukrainian flags and stickers, and saw open Ukrainian sites on her tablet, which they considered to create sufficient grounds for accusing the woman of “spying for Kyiv.”

Source:, translated by Alya Shandra


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  • Milton Devonair

    Well, it is unfortunate that a human had to be exposed to russians, but for some reason, they didn’t do what they historically and normally do, gang rape her. Maybe they were just too drunk on lighter fluid and vodka?

  • Dirk Smith

    Subhumans. Bastard offspring of Kyivan Rus.

    • Milton Devonair

      russia is the ebola to human kind.

      “War may be a war, but we have to defeat the enemies of war to get rid of the disease”

  • Murf

    The lady deserves a medal and a pension for her hardship.
    If I was ten years younger I would love to hunt those fukers down and bust a cap on their punk asses.
    I hate men who abuse women the weak in general.

  • ENo

    Good news if she is free. But I suspect if the mental wounds she received during the disgracing will ever disappear. Poor woman.

    Another proof how the pro-Russian thugs act just as the muslim extremists. In fact I suspect that at least some of those thugs guarding her and intimidating her with a mock execution might have been Chechens judging by their looks.

    Does anyone know what happened to those Chechens who were once fighting Russians? They seem to have disappeared altogether. Instead we now have hordes of pro-Russian Chechens. How on earth did the Russians manage to do this?

  • Espinassons

    typical russian behavior…