French Eurasianists join (pro-)Russian extremists in Eastern Ukraine




By Anton Shekhovtsov; photo: (from left to right) Mickael Takahashi, Guillaume Lenormand, Nikola Perovic, Victor-Alfonso Lenta in Donetsk, August 2014

An Internet TV channel of (pro-)Russian extremists has published a video featuring four Frenchmen who came to Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine to fight against Ukrainian forces. They do not say their names and think that France will not know of their participation in the terrorist activities in Ukraine. Now it’s time to reveal some of their secrets.

This video and other evidence I have gathered suggest that Guillaume LenormandNikola Perovic and Mickael Takahashi, as well as Hungarian right-wing extremist Ferenc Almássy, first came to Moscow in the second half of June where they met Russian citizen Mikhail Polynkov. The latter is engaged in assisting international extremists to get to Eastern Ukraine.

Guillaume Lenormand and Nikola Perovic in Moscow, June 2014

From Moscow, LenormandPerovic and Takahashi went to Rostov-on-Don. There they were trained for two weeks and then sent to the Ukrainian city of Donetsk which is currently under the terrorist control. Either in Rostov-on-Don or already in Donetsk, they met another Frenchman: Victor-Alfonso Lenta.

Victor Alfonso Lenta in Donetsk, August 2014

Guillaume Lenormand (b. 9 April 1988) is coming from Normandy where he has been participating in various ultranationalist movements for ten years: Jeunesses identitaires(Young Identitarians), Parti de la France (Party of France), and Troisième voie (Third Way). “Lenormand” is most likely a pseudonym.

Guillaume Lenormand at a right-wing extremist meeting, 2013

Victor-Alfonso Lenta (b. 1989?) is coming from Toulouse. He is a former corporal of the 3rd Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment, and served in Afghanistan, Chad, Ivory Coast and Gabon. He is said to have been kicked out from the army for his involvement in a neo-Nazi group. On his return to Toulouse, he actively participated in the Jeunesses identitaires.

Victor-Alfonso Lenta in Gabon, 2009

Nikola Perovic (b. 1989?) has dual French/Serbian citizenship and apparently lives in Belgrade. He is a former corporal of the 13th Battalion of the Chasseurs Alpins and served in Afghanistan.

Nikola Perovic, 2012

Michael Takahashi (b. 13 October 1987) is coming from Paris. He is an ardent supporter of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and has been cooperating with various ultranationalist groups in France and Serbia.

Michael Takahashi, 2013

So, what are these Frenchmen doing in Eastern Ukraine? All four are extreme right activists who are influenced, especially Lenormand and Lenta, by the ideas of the European New Right. The four Frenchmen have founded a group called “Unité Continentale” (Continental Unity), and its manifesto provides further insights into the ideology they share.

Brown blood Europe, a dream of Eurasianist fascists

They believe that the French government is “a puppet of Brussels” and that NATO is “a terrorist military alliance that uses French army to serve the interests of banks.” The EU, in their view, denies France’s national sovereignty, while France itself is “a slave of the American Empire that dictates the country’s foreign policy and directly interferes in the domestic policy.”
The solution of the alleged problem, according to the Unité Continentale, is Neo-Eurasianism, an ideology elaborated by Russian fascist Aleksandr Dugin, which they call “Continentalism.” It rejects globalisation and liberalism, as well as advocating the destruction of the EU. Instead, they promote “cooperation between the major nation-states of Europe and their respective areas of influence.” Russia would play an important role in this cooperation and, especially, in their fight against “Anglo-Saxon globalism, Atlanticism and the decadent West.”
The Unité Continentale‘s ideologues do not see the conflict in Eastern Ukraine as Russia’s long-planned war on Ukraine. Rather, they think that the US and the EU have attacked Eastern Ukraine. Therefore, by killing Ukrainians, the Unité Continentale is waging a war on the US and EU. In an interview to one Russian website, Lenormand says that he believes that the West has started the Third World War in Lybia and Syria and it has now spread to Ukraine. Russia, in its turn, has challenged “the international globalism,” and the Unité Continentale is happy to assist Russian forces and its proxies in Eastern Ukraine in murdering Ukrainian people.
They call it “Eurasian solidarity.”

Source:, republished with permission
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  • Brent

    Oh good. The French are coming. Wonder if they packed their white flags? The ímbeciles probably heard ‘Putin’ and thought they would be getting French fries with gravy and cheese curds….sorry, bad Canadian humour that many of you may not understand, so I’ve attached a picture!

    I’m glad they have been outed. Maybe “Poutine” will give them sanctuary in Rossiya. I’m curious if France will have to send an aid convoy of empty trucks to come pick up their bodies if they meet their rightful demise? Or maybe they can ship them home on a Mistral!!!

    • Arctic_Slicer

      Poutine seems much nicer than Putin.

    • Memor

      These fascists are not sent by France, only uneducated morons like you can believe that we are concerned of their bodies.

      This year we are celebrating the centenary of the WW1, in which 1 397 800 french soldiers died (1 adult man in 10) and 4 266 000 were wounded (3 adult men in 10). I would pay the price to see you, brave keyboard warrior, in a trench under the shells, pissing on yourself instead of pissing on others’ graves.

      • Brent

        My father went to war to liberate your white flag waving nation in World War II. If I was young and healthy enough I’d gladly go defend Ukraine and on the way over I’d make sure your Mistral never got handed over to “Poutine”.

        Comrade Hollande is looking to sell out Ukraine just like Sarkozy did to Georgia.

        You can make all the jokes you want about me, but the whole world laughs at France’s military accomplishments….

        • Memor

          “If I was young and healthy enough I’d gladly go defend Ukraine”

          An old saying in France : with ‘if’s, you could put Paris in a bottle.

          With ‘if’s, you would be a warrior. But you’re not.

          You’re just a guy comfortably seated behind his screen, babbling on war, white flags and cowardness, and pissing on the 217 600 french soldiers and 350 000 french civilians killed during WW2.

          You can make all the jokes you want about France, but the whole readers laugh at your virtual courage.

          Oh, and for your information, the “fleur de lys” is irrelevant since 1789, you uneducated moron.

          • Brent

            Actually, you are the only one ‘trying’ to laugh at me. Don’t worry, i can take it. I admit I am not a warrior, but neither are you. The difference is that I’m not from feckless France, so I guess I WIN!!!
            Yes, good old brave France. The country that still insists it is okay to provide Russian and Putin with an assault class warship. And I’m the moron?!?!? Maybe you can rebuild the Maginot Line to keep Putin at bay. French influence is so bad, Sarkozy even sold out Georgia in 2008….

            P.S. Maybe you can go join that great French actor, Gerard Depardieu, kissing Putin’s feet so that you can both pay less taxes….

            Another old saying for you from France, “I surrender”!!!

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            Yes, yes, you WIN. A virtual victory for a virtual warrior with a virtual courage. Pathetic.

          • Brent

            See! Look how quickly you surrendered!!!

            Even ‘virtually’ your nation is full of pussies….

          • Memor

            A few REAL numbers for the virtual tough guy :

            Soldiers killed during all wars since 1900 (wars with minimum 50 soldiers killed) :

            France : WW1 + WW2 + Indochine + Algérie + Lebanon + Tchad + Yugoslavia + Afghanistan
            1 387 800 + 217 600 + 59 745 + 24 614 + 158 + 158 + 116 + 89
            Total : 1 690 280

            USA : Nicaragua + WW1 + Siberia + WW2 + Korea + Vietnam + Beirut + Gulf + Afghanistan + Irak
            90 + 53 402 + 160 + 291 557 + 33 686 + 47 424 + 256 + 149 + 1742 + 3527
            Total : 431 993

            Canada : WW1 + WW2 + Korea + Vietnam (in US army) + Afghanistan
            56 639 + 45 400 + 312 + 110 + 158
            Total : 102 619

            A small idea to enjoy your virtual victory, tough guy : take your white flag, lubricate it with maple syrup, and put it deep into your fat ass. Oh, and please, learn history, uneducated moron.

          • Brent

            I’m having trouble understanding what your statistics actually prove.
            >>>that 82% of those cited for France died in World War I???
            >>>that French soldiers are good at dying???

            Do you realize that twice the U.S and Canada that you seem to hate so much has saved France’s numbers from being much higher? Was it not noble of them to come to your soil and help you drive out your enemies? You tell me to ‘learn history’, but I seem to recall something called “Vichy France” and how many Jews the collaborators sent east. Are those French citizens included in your so important war numbers?

            I was actually thinking of congratulating you yesterday that France finally came to their senses and decided to ‘postpone’ the transfer of the Mistral to Russia. Any country willing to supply any type of military hardware to such a regime will likely cause more deaths. However, you seem more intent of telling me of France’s glorious past of dead soldiers. No country should have to live with that kind of legacy. With Putin’s and Russia’s continued military excursions to liberate “Russian speakers” in neighboring countries, many more will die. This story was about 4 Frenchmen who decided to join him. Hopefully you can add those 4 to your tally of dead French soldiers because they are fighting for a tyrant and one who supports true neo-Nazi’s, which these 4 seem to share as their core belief. Hopefully, French soldiers who do not share this type of belief system will not be added to your tally.

            I will apologize to you for mocking France’s military might and propensity to wave the white flag. Based on your latest post I guess I should have mocked it for the number of dead soldiers in the last 100 years instead because that now seems to be your cause. I hope that France, the rest of Europe and the United States and Canada do not have to increase those numbers that are so important to you because none of them are willing to stand up to Putin. However, I haven’t seen any news yet about British, American or Canadian neo-Nazi’s joining Putin’s new red menace.

            Sorry to disappoint you, but nothing’s getting stuck up my ass, not even with maple syrup coating it. I reserve that part of my body for more important functions….

  • ENo

    This is getting more and more messy all the time. Pretty soon an ordinary man can no longer understand who exactly is fighting who. But this seems to be the way of the modern warfare in all major conflicts all over the world now. It is as we have gone back to the 14th and 15th century Europe. Back then there were no national armies. Constant wars were fought with armies consisting of mercenaries moving from one place to another, changing sides, fighting for whoever who promised to pay them a few pennies more than the others. One day they were fighting in the army of king A against king B. The next day vice versa. Little later they had joined king C fighting the allied forces of the kings A and B and so on. Stupid, stupid human race.

  • Dirk Smith

    This is good news for the Ukrainian military. More cowards helping cowards.

  • Mazepa

    One of these French cowards has already met his demise…
    It’s official. This idiot is now a DEAD frenchman. The other 3 are in hiding!
    Slava Bohu!

    • Conan

      Do you have some source for that? It is only possible to find some propaganda on them from some days.

  • Mazepa

    Consider it done and leave it at that.
    Best to you.