MAP: Social networks overflow with images of Russian military equipment moving towards Ukraine – updated


War in the Donbas

By Alya Shandra

Reports of a military column consisting of 150 armored vehicles and 1200 individuals entering Luhansk, Ukraine,  have been confirmed by ATO commander in Luhansk Oblast Ihor Boronchenko on August 19. Social network accounts allow tracking the paths by which Russian military equipment in the direction of Ukraine. Various twitter users, namely @galandecZP and @stabilizec have been monitoring VK users posting photos of military convoys passing through their towns. Coming from as far as Tula (Tula Oblast, Russia), Saratov, and Roshchinskiy (Samara Oblast, Russia), the equipment in the last days has been spotted the most on the M4 highway and in Rostov. Military equipment movement has also been noticed in Crimea. The equipment itself comes in a multitude of varieties, from covered military trucks to Grads, Buks, and tanks. Some equipment has been registered having crossed the Ukrainian border, for example, in Izvaryne, Luhansk Oblast:

On August 19, a 300-piece military convoy has been noticed in Samarskoye (Rostov Oblast, Russia):

Saratov (Saratov Oblast, Russia) is a major crossing point for military equipment:

Military equipment coming in from Abkhazia:

Standing in line at the Kerch ferry:

Equipment is coming from as far as Samara Oblast, Russia (Roshchinskiy):

Weaponry is being amassed in Belarus (near Minsk):

And also at the North-Eastern borders of Ukraine:

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