Russia fakes MH17 crash site satellite images, says SBU



The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) stated that Russian intelligence falsified images from the MH17 crash site in Donetsk region.

Vitalyi Naida, head of SBU’s counter-intelligence, announced this on Wednesday.

He showed Ukrainian satellite imagery and compared it to the Russian alleged fakes presented to the international investigation team to “prove” that Ukrainian forces shot down the Malaysian airliner.

The original images made on July 16 at the site Moscow claimed Ukrainian BUK missile systems were located on the day of the MH17 tragedy (Zaroshchenske, rebel-controlled territory as of 17.07) show a plowed field:


July 16, actual situation Photo: SBU

However, the Russian alleged fake dated July 17 shows this field as unplowed:


Purportedly fake Russian intelligence image

Naida also noted that the cultivated forest visible on the Russian images of an Ukrainian air defense base near Avdiivka had actually been chopped down two weeks before the image was allegedly taken:

Purportedly fake Russian intelligence image The forest strip had been  cut down four days before this Ukrainian image was taken

Russian intelligence, he added, retouched the satellite images to distract the world from the real reason behind the Boeing-777 crash.”It took the Russian military intelligence four days to fake the spy satellite data. The forest didn’t grow back in these four days” – Naida said.


Translated by Kirill Mikhaylov

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  1. Avatar Donald Casavant says:

    Is anyone surprised by this? Of course not! Russia and everyone of it’s diplomats, Dumas and Presidential administration have lied so much that there is no one in the world outside of Russia that believes them any more! When the people in Russia start to question what they are being told it will be the end of Putlier and his band of thieves! “The truth will set yee free.”

    1. Avatar LorCanada says:

      Let’s hope it – the Truth – happens soon!

  2. Avatar arpete29 says:

    What’s the interest for either Russians or Urainians to have shot down the MH 17?

    1. Avatar Hektor Uranga says:

      It was probably a mistake, not a planned shot down. The BUK missile was intended to kill just ukrainians. Therefore no interest from either side is behind of the mass murder of 298 people flying on MH17.

      1. Avatar LorCanada says:

        Nonetheless, there are 298 lives lost and somebody is going to pay and have to take responsibility for this tragedy.

    2. Avatar True_finn says:

      Ruskies and Ukies, both sides have no interest to shoot down non-military planes, but East-Ukrainian rebels are only side here who dont have enough education/military knowledge to use sophisticated BUK -system to identify object from radar signals… so it was big mistake from Ruskies to give those toys away… so rebels can play as bigboys. (not fun)

    3. Avatar Steven Rogers says:

      No “interest” involved, just a horrific mistake. The rebels didn’t have the whole Buk system, just the TELAR vehicles. These are capable of engaging targets on their own, but lack the more sophisticated radar of the TAR vehicle, which could have picked up the transponder signals and identified a civilian jet. They thought it was military, and didn’t realize the mistake until it was done. Not conspiracy, just mistake.

  3. Avatar Jacks Channel says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha. And to think that this war is about “Nazi Facists” at the Ukrainian government level, and in its civlian population. Where are the Facists? They don’t exist.