Russian soldier boasts shelling Ukraine on social network



War in the Donbas

Russian soldier Vadim Grigoryev posted proof of a Russian attack on Ukrainian territory via the social network (Vadim’s page was promptly deleted, a copy can be viewed  here).

On the afternoon of Wednesday July 23, Grigoryev wrote “Been shelling Ukraine all night.”

He attached two photos to the post:


Earlier, on July 19, he posted photos with his fellow soldiers, writing that they’ve been at the Ukrainian border “in the fields, unwashed” for two weeks.


Grigoryev’s photos on are geo-tagged, and apparently were taken in the Matveevo-Kurganskiy district of Rostov region, Russia.


We remind that previously Ukraine repeatedly claimed shelling of its territory from Russia.

For instance, at night on July 23 Ukrainian anti-terrorist forces twice came under Russian rocket fire in the border regions.

Source: InfoResist
Translated by Kirill Mikhailov

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  • Gail Bonnell.

    You are all such young handsome lads. Fighting will never bring peace but spill blood of the innocent. Is this how you want to be killers because that is what you have become. I wish their families, friends, mothers, brothers, sisters can all tell them to stop the fighting and save yourselves please :)


    I don’t doubt that some of these shellings of certain Ukrainian cities also come from Russian guns and then they blame Ukraine to create anger and hatred.

  • Milton Devonair

    And russia quickly took it down.
    Yet more proof that humans can never be safe around russians, nor the chechens and ossetians they employ….Oh look, people stealing from the murdered in eastern Ukraine civilian jet crash site. Hmmm, nothing like Chechnya camouflage pattern uniform….

    • Mellow Jessica

      I wish for Poroshenko’s forces to kill this Russian scum.

      Tell us, is Ukraine winning? We know very little here about the state of Ukrainian military forces, and are concerned to learn of losses of several Su-25 ground-attack jets.

      • Milton Devonair

        Yes, Ukraine is winning. That’s why the russians have been firing on them from russia–their criminal vermin are being confined to a smaller and smaller area of Ukraine. They’ll keep fighting though, the russians and chechens in at least one spot because they’ll need to keep an area open where they can scurry back across the border and back into putin’s arms.

      • Erdem Tabdanov

        Obviously, information war turned people into animals. Dehumanizing each other, speaking hatred words, wising death. Pity.

        • Milton Devonair

          If the russians and their chechens leave Ukraine and go back to their countries, stop their rape, looting, kidnapping, murdering, torturing, then humans would think better of them.
          But until they stop that, it’s hard to look upon them as being equal.
          If they are equal to humans, then either we are lying about them (judging by their actions) or we need to lower ourselves down to their animalistic level of interaction.

          I choose neither. I will wait for russians to evolve from the middle ages.

    • Erdem Tabdanov

      Humans…. Russians…. So, would that mean you do not think Russians are humans? Information war has won. Politicians do their dirty job, you follow their dehumanizing rhetorics.
      Generation of degenerates is global now.

      • Milton Devonair

        They are humans, but the same level of human specie as muslim jihadists, hamas types. When the majority of a society, a culture is exceedingly ignorant–and arrogant–over generations, something is wrong.

        And ironically this ‘ignorance and arrogance’ is also found with people that have left russia for better places. Would be interesting to somehow know if people whose parents fled russia and grew up, in the USA also have that russian ‘ignorance and arrogance’ or not. I’ve not seen it from second generation russians in the USA, so russia itself is the incubator of the disease called ‘russia’.

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  • Reformedviking

    …and example of a “brave” Russian soldier.

    • Milton Devonair

      That’s what russians do their best work–against civilians, women and children.
      It’s who they are. It’s why their military can never be a professional one and they try very hard to look like Americans….though deep down they know they can’t touch the US Military. They’re just a bunch of drunks and thugs playing army.

      • Paul P. Valtos

        Yup. I’m sure that any Russian unit has a fine source of vodka to salve their consciences. Ever meet a Russian teetotaler? I never have even those second generation in America.

        • Milton Devonair

          That is weird, huh. The russians in American still view other countries as their property. I think it’s due to their isolation and deep down, they know how inferior they are–mainly due to their culture.

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  • Дима Золочівський

    Further confirmation of Kremlin aggression and intent to deceive public opinion.

    • Milton Devonair

      Oleh sentsov, “I am not a serf. I cannot be transferred with the land”

  • Катерина Завгородняя

    Это не “молодые и красивые парни”, это шпана, которая, что бы отдать свои кредиты за покупку мобильного телефона готовы убивать кого прикажут те, кто платит деньги! Это, шайка бандитов, которые выполняют темные приказы своего Саурона из Кремля!

    • Milton Devonair

      Никогда мы не будем братьями

  • Vrag

    Фейковый аккаунт, проходили, Давай что то новое.