Putin calls an emergency State Duma session regarding Ukraine



Members of the State Duma of the Russian Federation which are not on planned vacation, are rushing to Moscow to participate in an unplanned session because of the situation in the east of Ukraine, reports UkrInform citing their source in the State Duma.

“It is possible that something will happen tomorrow. This issue is being decided on right now. Something is being planned, because many members are coming, possibly for the quorum. Many members are flying in… they have to be in Moscow today,” said he.

According to the agency’s informant, it is yet unknown what document the Russian Parliament members are planning to discuss. As the source notes, it is only obvious that the higher government of Russia is “up to something” regarding the situation in the east of Ukraine, as they intend to hold an unplanned session of the Russian State Duma.

“In general, they are planning something, but so far it is not being publicized, as there has been no green light from the Kremlin, but it is clear that they are up to something. And what the document they are planning to discuss, for example the deployment of the Russian peacekeeping troops to Ukraine or something else, has not been decided yet,” the source emphasized.

Earlier the Internet resource LB.ua cited a source close to the Russian State Duma, stating that the Kremlin will try to legitimize the terrorists in the east of Ukraine (“PRD” and “PRL”) as a political subjects. They say it is planned to hold a joint assembly of both Parliament chambers on July 23rd, at which Putin “may announce some serious initiatives” regarding the situation in the east of Ukraine. According to the source, the government of Ukraine will probably have to face an ultimatum with the demand to a ceasefire and start talks in the format of Ukraine-Russia-PRD and PRL, and this way Russia will attempt to legitimatize the terrorists as a political subject. Should Ukraine refuse, Putin, according to the informant, might make the decision to deploy the army in Ukraine under the guise of “peacekeepers.”

Source: InfoResist

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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