Interior Ministry: Pro-Russian terrorists murdered, mutilated two Sloviansk priests & their sons


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Security officials have exhumed a mass grave in the Donetsk region where they say a pile of mutilated bodies – two priests and the two sons of one of them – were found. The official, Interior Minister advisor Anton Herashchenko, reports the dead were involved in assisting the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO).

“We have now exhumed a grave where two priests from Sloviansk were buried. Also, the two sons of one of the preists, who were tortured and killed just because they helped our soldiers,” said Herashchenko.

While Herashchenko refrained from stating which denomination the priests belonged to, but Patriarch Filaret has previously spoken out against “numerous death threats against the Kyiv Patriarchate clergy and believers” by Russian-backed terrorists in the Donetsk region. Virtually all Christian denominations other than the Russian Orthodox Church have been subject to levels of harassment, threats, kidnapping, torture, and violence.

Sloviansk has had a documented history of brutal murders during its occupation by Igor Girkin’s militia, who was recently discovered to have carried out summary executions.

Editor’s note: This article originally mentioned “children” were found, but was later changed solely to “sons.” While they were the priest’s children, officials have not explicitly informed that they were minors and we would like to avoid any confusion.
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  1. Dirk Smith says:

    Inevitable. Slobodan Putler must be stopped.

    1. Jacks Channel says:

      True. Now that the whole World knows without a doubt that there are no “facists” in Ukraine, Putin is waging a truly criminal war, without any meaning whatsoever.

      1. Milton Devonair says:

        But france likes war criminals….seems to always have. Too bad other countries keep saving france. Europe probably would have been better off to just have pieces of it dissolved into other nations. Save paris though so french will have some place to retreat to.

        1. Con Sequins Nickleby says:

          …and sip espresso in the outdoor cafe’s just as they did while Hitler’s Army marched into Paris.

        2. Con Sequins Nickleby says:

          …and sip espresso in the outdoor cafe’s just as they did while Hitler’s Army marched into Paris.

        3. Con Sequins Nickleby says:

          …and sip espresso in the outdoor cafe’s just as they did while Hitler’s Army marched into Paris.

          1. Milton Devonair says:

            Which brings up the point…..”What did the western world save france for again?”

  2. Mykola Banderachuk says:

    so this is russki mir, fucking savages

  3. Milton Devonair says:

    History always shows, humans are not safe around russians and must protect themselves from russians.

    1. Jacks Channel says:

      True. We have their leaders to thank for that.

      1. Milton Devonair says:

        Yup. Always amazing how arrogant and ignorant russians are. And that’s why they keep winding up with dictators because it seems like that’s the only thing they’ll settle for. They’re a lot like muslims in that sense.

  4. Kruton says:

    Burn down that dump Luhansk,and the communist filth with it.The Ukrainian boys should bring plenty of rope!