The Black Hundreds: The most important Russian group now active in Ukraine



In a pro-Russian separatist demonstration in Luhansk, Eastern Ukraine, an unidentified speaker went straight for the jugular: “The Maidanists say we’ve had a revolution of national liberation. And I ask: ‘which nation?’ Let’s see how many Ukrainians have come to power. Yatseniuk?” The speaker paused, and the crowd called out, “He’s a Jew!” The speaker continued to list major Ukrainian politicians, adding their alleged Jewish names to prove their true origin: “What about Klitchko-Ettinson, or Yulia Kapitelman?” Someone from the audience yelled “She’s a zhid!” “Or the great fighter for the purity of the nation Tyahnybok-Srokman? Is this the bright light of the Ukrainian nation? This is a coup, a coup perpetrated by Zionists.” The crowd burst into applause.

A mix of various types of Russians have entered Eastern Ukraine over the last month: specials forces, intelligence agents, and all kinds of political agitators and provocateurs. From a Jewish perspective, the most important Russian group now active in Ukraine is the Black Hundreds. This movement sees itself as the reincarnation of the notorious anti-Semitic organization that flourished in Russia more than a century ago. Their program consists of the restoration of the Russian Empire in its pre-1917 borders (including Ukraine); establishing Russia as a mono-ethnic state and renewing the unity between the state and the Russian Orthodox church, as in Tsarist times; and protecting Russia against “those who hate Christ.” Their literature openly attacks “zhids.” (Here’s a recent post on their web-site: “The Vice President of the United States praised Jews for controlling the media, and thanked them for their central role in the legalization of gay marriage.”)

The Black Hundreds (and other similar groups, of which there are many) do not recognize the existence of a Ukrainian nation. There is only one Russian, or Slavic, nation.

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By: David E. Fishman, professor of Jewish history at the Jewish Theological Seminary

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  1. Avatar Mykola Banderachuk says:

    oh oh, here is a anti-semitic fascist group from the ruSSia, guess putler has to invade the ruSSia

  2. Avatar Arctic_Slicer says:

    This is the theater of the absurd; if you believed everything coming from the Russians about the government in Kyiv you would have to assume that they are a fascist, homosexual, anti-semitic, neo-nazi, Zionist, junta. The level of propaganda has gone to such extraordinary lengths that it’s not even in the realm of reality anymore . Many of the labels the Russians use to describe the government of Ukraine are mutually exclusive to many of the other labels being used. There is no rhyme or reason to it other than to find an excuse to hate.

  3. Avatar digpig says:

    And what does the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kirill, say about these groups which blaspheme the Holy Name of Jesus Christ? And those who use His Face on their flags when conducting a terrorist war? Nothing.

  4. Avatar FunkyWinkerbean says:

    Whenever brainwashed and brainless Russians begin flinging names about you can be sure it is a case of psychological projection. Consider the source.