Russian sociologist: Incessant informational “yammering” made the Russians hate Ukrainians



Anti-Ukrainian propaganda 24/7 from all Russian media had a catastrophic influence on the Russians’ attitude towards Ukrainians. 

The public opinion governed with the help of Kremlin-controlled mass media led Ukraine to second place on the list of Russians’ enemies (the first is so far occupied by the USA).

Back in November and even December of 2013 the majority of Russian citizens regarded the events on Maidan “with compassion and understanding of the fact that everyone was fed up with Viktor Yanukovych’s regime.”

In January 2014 the sociologists form Levada-Center asked the Russians: what is your attitude toward Ukrainians? 66% said “good” or “mostly good,” 26% said “bad.” Four months of mass-propaganda later, the question was repeated, and the numbers changed drastically.

Now only 35% of those surveyed have a good attitude towards Ukrainians, 49% have a bad attitude. As such, the number of those who view Ukraine “as very bad” has grown fourfold.

“Unprecedented in terms of its intensity, density, incessant yammering. Anti-Ukrainian information is presented 24 hours a day on all TV channels,” tells Lev Gudkov, director of the Yuriy Levada Russian Analytical and Sociological centre to NV. “A campaign, unprecedented in terms of its intensity and slander. It goal is to dehumanise Ukrainians, so to speak.”

Three thesis that are pushed forth by the Russian media forced the Russians to re-examine their views: 1. Ukrainians are void of their own political mind, their entire revolution was inspired by the West. 2. Ultra-nationalists, Banderites and Nazis are running the country. 3. Russia is returning its lands, which were illegally taken away from it.

It such informational zombifying is stopped, three months later all negative emotions of the Russians will evaporate.

“This fantastic options would mean the deposition of Putin’s regime,” says the head of Levada-Center. “But if we do allow for such a possibly, everything will return to last fall’s moods within three months max.”

Source: NVUA


Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina


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