Fools, Tools, and Putinversteher

Putin - killer / Putinversteher

Putin - killer / Putinversteher 


By Thomas C. Theiner

A fools mind, coupled with low education, ignorance, and folly, are the unifying traits of Putin’s Western adulators on the political Left, who all sooner or later end up on the Russian propaganda channel RT as self-declared experts on topics they haven’t given a thought before Russian propaganda planted Kremlin flams into their addle brains.

London dwelling Vera Graziadei is one such “expert” who hasn’t yet made it to RT. She could be easily ignored if only her diatribes against truth, reason, and decency weren’t cheerleading war against the innocent people of Ukraine. By twisting facts, reiterating Kremlin fabrications, using loaded words, concocting harebrained insinuations, espousing delusional connections and flat out lying she conjures up an alternative reality, where genocide is happening in Ukraine. There is NO genocide happening in Ukraine!

Genocide is the deliberate killing of a large number of people on ethnic grounds, something which in Ukraine only the Russians did. Though, in the good Russian tradition, Russia still denies that the Holodomor, an artificially caused famine in 1933-1934, ever happened. Today in Ukraine armed men, cheered on by the likes of Graziadei, have occupied cities and declared war on anyone not agreeing with their despotic rule. The Ukrainian government is showing remarkable restraint and proceeding with all possible caution in its attempts to liberate the occupied territories, unlike Russia, which twice bombed Chechnya with ballistic missiles, strategic bombers, and thermobaric weapons, turning it into a corpse-filled wasteland.

In every war civilians get caught in the crossfire, even more so if the rebels, again, in the good Russian tradition, deliberately set up their firing positions in the middle of residential areas. In total, over 100 civilians died in the three months of fighting in Ukraine, says the Russian government. 100 in three months is about one civilian casualty per day. Genocide this ain’t. To claim otherwise makes a mockery of real genocides! In Syria today around 200 civilians are killed each day by Russian weapons and during the Second Chechen war around 270 civilians were killed each day by Russians!

The number of victims in Ukraine is still less than a third than the number of victims in Putin’s destructive attempt to free the child-hostages in Beslan and it is 1/42 (yes, one forty-second!) of the 4,200 murders that occurred in Russia in the same timeframe. Even if we adjust for population, the chances of being murdered in Russia are twice higher than getting killed in crossfire in Eastern Ukraine.

Genocide in Ukraine is not taking place and nobody is planning one, supporting one, cheerleading one, even though Putin, his propaganda apparatus, his Western disciples and ignorant fools like Graziadei desperately wish one would occur, to align with their harebrained lies, defamations, and insults towards the Ukrainian people. By now they are so incensed by Ukraine’s careful treading in the East that they habitually resort to use photos and videos from other countries, other wars and even accidents and disasters to fabricate fresh lies about events in Eastern Ukraine. A small assortment of these Russian lies can be found at:

Yet, the easy exposure of the Russian lies and of the increasingly funny, desperate attempts of Putin’s Western fools and tools to find ANYTHING that would prove their alternative reality is a win for Ukraine, as Russia by crying: “Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Bandera-wolf!” is ridiculing and disqualifying itself in the eyes of the world. Events in Ukraine have shown the world that Russia is ruled by lying, corrupt, fascist-leaning, racist thugs who rejoice in war and murder in their pursuit of an authoritarian empire to plunder for their personal gain.

Along with the implosion of Russia’s Potemkin civilization-façade it’s assorted Western fools, tools, and Putinversteher, with their contemptible lies, sham compassion, and fascist jingoism, are being exposed for all to see as what they truly are: the village idiots.



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  1. Avatar sandy miller says:

    Love your writing. Unfortunately, Thomas there are too many fools in the world and believe this craziness. Mostly, because they know little about Ukraine. The communists have managed to make the world believe that all Ukrainians are anti-semitic savage beasts. Russia has done this sort of crazy making to Ukraine to stop it from going independent. It’s been going on for centuries. It’s time for people in Ukraine to stand up and correct this image. Putin is a dictator are n the new marxists comfortable with that? Both the extreme left and extreme right like . Putin. Interesting…He’s very rich, very corrupt, a murdereer and dictator.

  2. Avatar David Rusinas says:

    The Putin trolls are everywhere and they are not all poorly educated and are they on the political left? UKIP and Front National can hardly be described as left wing yet seem to be dedicated followers of Putin. RT hardly attempts to cover its propaganda, its recent report on a Ukraine transport ‘plane downed by rebels ended with the West will blame Russia; as if the Ukrainian military would blast one of its own ‘planes out of the sky just so that we would all point the finger at Russia. Finally, I find it ironic that Russians, who were the ones to sign a pact with the Nazi’s (Molotov-Ribbentrop) accuse everyone else of being fascists.