Kyiv Post: Captured Russian mercenary near Sloviansk condemns Putin, asks for forgiveness

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Counterterrorism forces say they caught a 52-year-old Russian mercenary near Sloviansk on June 20, the website of Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) states.

He was recruited by an agent of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) – Russia’s KGB-successor agency – to fight Ukrainian forces who promised him $1,000 for every Ukrainian officer and $300 for every private soldier killed.

“When I got here I saw for myself that this is simply war…I condemn (Russian President Vladimir) Putin for starting this war between our nations, I feel rotten for our people, we are all Slavs, all Christians, I condemn this, forgive me please if you can”

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  • Izzy

    Meh, he would say anything to save his ass.

  • Joe Blow

    Ummm, and how exactly would they verify his supposed kills? On his word? This story is very fishy…

    • UkrainianPolicy

      A confession is what it is, going to have to use your own judgement.

  • feelsgg

    Golden Globe grade acting here.

  • Dean Clark

    He’s poorly speaking on Russian. And just listen :) 1000$ per officer kill – aren’t it sounds somewhat eh… stereotypicly? No? 😀 shame on the writer