Luhansk Airplane Downing Could Have Resulted in 200 Deaths


Photo: Inforesist

During the night of June 13, three airplanes should have landed in the Luhansk airport. The first one landed successfully, the second one was shot down by terrorists, the third one returned to its point of departure, Melitopol, reports LIGABusinessInform. The tragedy resulted in 49 deaths. However, the death toll could have been 200 people. It was only by pure luck that a part of the military servicemen went via Infantry fighting vehicles. MP Mykola Kniazhytskiy wrote this on FB:

“Yesterday at the meeting of servicemen with the President, all of the members, except for the representatives of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine have spoken against transportation of the servicemen by plane. The President has spoken against this as well. However, the military commanders have ensured that everything will go well. Luckily, a unit of military men had gone to Luhansk by IFVs. The downed plane was originally supposed to carry 200 soldiers and officers.”


Due to the tragedy, June 15 is declared a day of mourning in Ukraine.

Source: FBinforesist

Translated by Dasha Darchuk and Alya Shandra

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    In my opinion, it was a betrayal!

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    All Russians and their Supporters in the Donbass Region need to be EXTERMINATED!

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    Certainly seems clear that the flight plan for these planes was leaked to the rebels by a traitor in the Ukrainian ranks. If things are true to form, it will turn out to be someone very high up, who has been in the service a long time, and has been raping the system for along time. Like the admiral who sold out Ukraines navy in Crimea, this officer will be revealed to have been promised rank and $ by Putin in the new provinces once Russia absorbs them. I’ll bet you several thousand MREs I just acquired cheap from a military warehouse in Ukraine that this is what is happening.
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