The Chronicles of Lenin-falls in Ukraine: Odesa Oblast


ImageSeveral Lenin monuments were damaged in Odesa oblast this weekend.

A monument to Lenin was destroyed on Saturday morning in the town of Savran.  Another one was torn down in the town of Liubashovka.  The following morning, a bust of Lenin was destroyed in Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi.

On Sunday, [in the Museum of totalitarian sculpture] in Odesa’s Lenin Komsomol park, one Lenin monument was covered with red paint and another decapitated.  

“This is vandalism. They could have taken down and damaged all thirty-seven monuments of Odesa oblast, having no idea what communists did for the region,” said the leader of the local Communist organization.  

Translated by Serhiy Snihur

Edited by Marina Budjeryn


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  • Jamesmace

    I have an idea what Lenin did in Odessa – about 1.5 murdered Ukrainians during the 1921 Famine Genocide

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  • Michael J. Steinbring

    The anti government movement is fighting for more freedom and does not want to go back to rulers who take advantage of them. This is the beginning of a New Democratic revolution in Ukraine……power to the people…..

  • P Bobby

    The Chronicles of Lenin-falls: at last, some good has come from Euromaidan.

  • TeachESL (@TeachESL)

    Good….tear them all down. Having a statue of Lenin is like having a statue of Hitler.

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  • wildninja

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Ukranians!!!!! This is awesome to hear. I hope every last statue of that vile mass murderer is smashed into small pieces and disposed of. Love it!

  • wildninja

    I should add that in Seattle we have a statue of Lenin and it should have never been “rescued” from Eastern Europe and brought here. It does not belong in a democratic republic, yet many claim to simply consider it art.