Ukrainian Writers Establish Fund for Victims of Protests

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Writers Oksana Zabuzhko, Serhiy Zhadan, Andriy Kurkov, and the former Minister of Health, Vasyl Kniazevych, launched “Humanitarian Solidarity,” a charitable fund providing medical and rehabilitation services for those injured during mass protests.

The program was announced on the website of the International Renaissance Foundation and included a statement from the organizers of the initiative:

“The mass protests that began on 21 November 2013 created great turmoil in Ukraine. In Kyiv and many other regions, hundreds of protesters, citizens, journalists, doctors, and members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, were injured. Tragically, people died.

We do not seek to judge the innocent or guilty in this conflict that threatens the civil peace and the very existence of the Ukrainian state. History and the people will judge in the end. Today what is most essential for us–and for all of Ukraine–is our national solidarity to stop the bloodshed and, most of all, to provide medical assistance to all the victims.

We condemn all forms of violence against the injured and against the doctors that are providing medical assistance. We call on all parties not to allow the politicizing of medical care. We state that it is inadmissible to interfere with medical workers who are carrying out their humanitarian mission and performing their professional duties.

For this reason we now announce the launch of “Humanitarian Solidarity, a charitable program dedicated to providing treatment and rehabilitation of all those injured during the protests.

Aid will be delivered through self-organized community initiatives that are already providing charitable medical assistance for the victims, through their families and friends, and through community organizations interested in coordinating such assistance.

Since the treatment provided is often related to the protection of the victims’ rights to receive the treatment, the program will also resolve legal questions in each case. Decisions on assistance will be made by a board reputable and neutral doctors and lawyers.

We, members of the Supervisory Board, promise to ensure the honesty, accountability and the most efficient use of the funds raised.

The international foundation “Renaissance” will provide the organizational, administrative and informational support for this initiative.”

“Humanitarian Solidarity” is openly accepting charitable donations and is dedicated to transparency. Information about donations will be made available upon request.

For additional questions and suggestions email [email protected] or call (044) 484 04 87, 050 383 0 555.


Translated by Anna Mostovych

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