Sanctions impair Russia’s ability to manufacture high-tech weapons – British intel

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Russia’s military-industrial complex is not able to manufacture high-tech weaponry at scale, British Intelligence stated in its daily report on 3 March 2023.

Despite the war in Ukraine, Russian defense companies continue to showcase their products at major international arms fairs, according to British Intel. However, there has been no evidence that the Russian army employs the showcased military gear during the war against Ukraine, British Intel reported.

The Arena-E active protection system (APS), designed to improve the survivability of armored vehicles, was displayed at recent international arms fair.

“Arena-E defeats the threats that are most dangerous for armored vehicles…if you value your armor and crews you need Arena-E,” Russia’s promotional literature stated at the arms fair, according to British Intel.

British Intel has no evidence that any of Arena-E systems are installed on Russia’s own vehicles in Ukraine, where it has lost over 5,000 armored vehicles so far. This is likely due to the fact that the Russian military-industry complex is unable to manufacture high-tech systems at scale. This problem is exacerbated by the effect of international sanctions, British Intel concluded.


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