So far, 91 Russian soldiers involved in crimes in Bucha identified

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During the occupation of Kyiv Oblast in March 2022, the Russian army committed more than 9,000 war crimes in the Bucha district of Kyiv Oblast, more than 1,700 civilians died, including about 700 in Bucha.

Attorney General Andriy Kostin told US congressmen Michael McCaul, Darrell Issa, Keith Self, Jake Ellzey and Max Miller about this during a visit to the city. They visited the places of mass crimes and met with residents.

So far, 91 Russian soldiers involved in crimes in Bucha identified ~~

“After the liberation, we discovered mass burials with the mutilated bodies of men, women, and children. Torture, murder, sexual violence. This is the true face of “Russian world” and the regime of the Russian Federation, which is based on complete contempt for the principles of human rights and humanitarian law,” Kostin stated.

So far, 91 Russian soldiers involved in these crimes have been identified. Work is ongoing to bring all those involved to justice.

“We are counting on your support in creating an International Tribunal to hold the leadership of the Russian Federation accountable. Justice for war victims is justice for the world,” Kostin noted.


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