European Parliament adopted resolution re Ukraine EU accession negotiations

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Today, the European Parliament adopted a resolution detailing its expectations for the upcoming summit between EU and Ukrainian political leaders in Kyiv on 3 February. The text demands the EU “work towards the start of the accession negotiations and to support a roadmap outlining the next steps to enable Ukraine’s accession to the EU single market”.

Parliament also urged EU member states to increase and accelerate their military assistance to Kyiv, in particular the provision of weapons, as well as political, economic, infrastructural, financial and humanitarian support.

It also calls on leaders at the forthcoming EU-Ukraine summit to prioritise a comprehensive recovery package for Ukraine. This package must focus on relief, reconstruction and recovery in the short-, medium- and long-term. Support would further help encourage economic growth in Ukraine after the war.

The text was adopted with 489 votes in favour, 36 against with 49 abstentions.

European Commission calls for further sanctions

MEPs called on member states to adopt a tenth package of sanctions against Moscow as soon as possible and to continuously and proactively propose new sectors and individuals for targeting. EP called for the sanctioning of companies such as Lukoil and Rosatom, which are still present on the EU market.

The resolution finally reiterates MEPs’ calls for an immediate and full embargo on EU imports of fossil fuels and uranium from Russia, and for the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea to be completely abandoned.

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