Education is the sphere where reforms have made some of the most progress. One plan is to consolidate small regional schools into hub schools that can be more easily supported. UATV traveled to the village Solone in Dnipropetrovsk region to talk to students and administrators about the long-awaited changes.

700 children from 12 neighboring villages study at the Solone school. Last year, the building got a much-needed makeover. Now, the students say that they could only dream of such a school.

“Our school looks nice… it is good to study at such a school. It looks stylish and unique. I find it interesting. The design has changed and it’s not as dull anymore. It’s brighter. And for me as a student, it’s nice to go to a school like this,” says Oksana Kolodchenko, 9th grader.

Renovations on the interior will be completed next. The main hall and the library will be doubled in size. The main hall will function as the brain of the school, with fire alarms and external and internal video surveillance. The most essential renovations are already finished.

“It has become 100% inclusive.This means that children with special needs can easily get into the building without help. The school received a bright energy-saving facade that allows us to reduce the energy consumption of energy during the cold season,” says Advisor to Chairman of Regional Council Yurii Holyk.

Windows and doors in the building were replaced by insulated ones. The main entrance door will be automated, followed by a “thermal curtain” to keep out cold air. After the renovations, the Solone school will become the cultural center of the community. It will be used to hold public gatherings such as concerts and sporting events.

“Two football fields … both spiritually and physically. Two football fields are ready to hold competitions. As soon as the weather allows, they will set up a volleyball court, a basketball court and a place for vocational training, which will allow not only for teaching children, but also to develop their strength,” adds the Head Teacher Volodymyr Bondar.

Renovation of the Solone hub school will cost roughly three million dollars. The renovation is scheduled to be completed within the year.

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