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One Ukrainian soldier killed in battle. Russian-hybrid forces hold drills amid “Easter ceasefire” #DonbasReports

One Ukrainian soldier killed in battle. Russian-hybrid forces hold drills amid “Easter ceasefire” #DonbasReports
April 12 and 13 were mostly quiet days in the Donbas, however, the artillery of Russian-hybrid forces activated in the area of occupied Donetsk towards the evening of April 12. One Ukrainian soldier was killed, 2 wounded, all near Avdiivka. Non-combat losses on April 13: 2 soldiers perished. The number of Ukrainian hostages in the Donbas rises to 126. Poroshenko visits Luhansk Oblast.
LiveBlog of April 11 can be found here: 5 Ukrainian soldiers wounded. Village shelled. President wants to seize Donbas coal if imported from Russia #DonbasReports

  • “Easter ceasefire” April 1-12:  3  soldiers killed in battles, 45 wounded, 564 attacks of Russian-hybrid forces on Ukrainian positions.
  • ATO Headquarters reported 42 attacks on Ukrainian positions as of 18:00, April 13. No casualties mentioned.
  • Non-combat losses: two Ukrainian soldiers died in ATO zone on April 13
  • April 12: 1 soldier KIA, 2 WIA in 61 attacks
  • April 11: 5 Ukrainian servicemen wounded in 45 attacks
  • Number of Ukrainian hostages in Donbas rises to 126 – Ukraine’s humanitarian envoy
  • Donbas residents reported inactive skirmishes, explosions, and drills of Russian-hybrid forces on April 12, 13
  • Ammo blasts in Balakliya destroyed ammunition worth $ 1 bln
  • Poroshenko: 69 Ukrainian servicemen killed since beginning of year, 420 injured
  • President Petro Poroshenko visited Luhansk Oblast on April 12.

April 14, 00:28

Donbas residents reported inactive skirmishes, explosions, and drills of Russian-hybrid forces on April 12, 13

According to reports in social networks, April  12 was mostly quiet, no reports came from Luhansk Oblast and Mariupol area, however, Mariupol is quite far from the frontline and only heavy artillery can be heard there. Residents of Donetsk and cities near it reported minor military activity.

A “good morning” skirmish between Marinka and southwest of occupied Donetsk (all time EET, UTC+3):

06:15 Marinka: For about an hour an inactive battle is ongoing with use of small arms
08:30 Makiivka: Behind new Lisovyi cemetery, light but pretty regular booms
09:05 Marinka: In the #center of the town, booms are well-heard in the direction of the #hospital

Later residents of occupied Makiivka report separate explosions heard. Some of the explosions could be tests of industrial explosives announced by MakNII (Makiivka Research Institute for Mining Safety).

10:20 Makiivka: “Something has boomed”. #MakNII tests industrial explosions?
10:20 Makiivka Zelenyi: A loud single [boom], its direction is unclear
11:16 Avdiivka: a bit loud
12:02 Novhorodske: boom

About 14:00 one loud explosion is heard in Avdiivka and Donetsk:

13:53 Avdiivka: An explosion, pretty tangible
13:54 Donetsk: Wow, how it has boomed
13:58 Donetsk Budyonovskyi: One loud boom a couple minutes ago

Another explosion heard in Donetsk an hour later:

15:01 Donetsk Budyonovskyi district: It has greatly boomed
15:15 Donetsk: About 10 minutes ago Mushketove could hear a distant explosion even with a whistle, very strong. And it is not like north

Occupied Horlivka (north of Donetsk) is not calm too:

15:55 Horlivka: Since 10:15 southwest direction is rumbling, by times strong. And it sounds somewhat not like being at the range

Occupied Makiivka hears small arms shooting:

17:10 Makiivka: “Gunfire is heard. The range?”

Occupied town of Rovenki (Luhansk Oblast) reports artillery drills held by the Russian-hybrid forces:

17:44 Rovenki: In the morning artillery drills were heard in Rovenki, far away

Southeast of Avdiivka has not been quiet since the “Easter ceasefire” started:

17:55 Avdiivka: Since Apr01 or Apr13 [=dates when ceasefires started], since 00:00 or 10:00 – Promka sounds just the same noisy

A resident of occupied Horlivka confirms artillery fire heard before:

18:12 Horlivka: Up to 13:00 heavy guns rumbled

Evening skirmish southwest of Donetsk, allegedly between Krasnohorivka and occupied Staromykhaylivka:

18:15 Donetsk Biryuzova: [A battle] is heard very distant when outdoors. Staromykhaylivka can hear ka-booms

An inactive battle between Verknyotoretske and occupied Yasynuvata:

20:00 Yasynuvata: Direction of Kruta_BalkaHospodar – inactive battle
20:09 Novhorodske: By the way, it has started to rumble more distinct, far off

Krasnohorivka reports two mortar impacts within the town:

20:15 Krasnohorivka: Quiet for now, earlier 2 impacts of 82mm mortars reported – at #11 and #12, #Vostochna street

The inactive battle continues north of Yasynuvata:

21:00 Yasynuvata: Vasylivka has been added to the list [=of places with fighting ongoing]

April 12

A Ukrainian serviceman was killed in a battle on April 12. The day was almost quiet until the evening when the Russian artillery activated in occupied Donetsk.

As of midnight an inactive bombardment was still ongoing in the area of Donetsk, the artillery of the Russian-hybrid forces pounded from positions between occupied cities of Donetsk, Yasynuvata, Makiivka (all time EET, UTC+3):

00:08 Donetsk: a few booms
00:28 Makiivka: “Not quiet here, but it’s time to sleep…”
01:30 Donetsk: North: a salvo every 3 minutes
02:00 Donetsk: I’ve no idea whether it is important, gunfire at #Oktyabrskyi…

An “alarm-clock” “rang” at 07:10 in Donetsk, it was a loud sound of a salvo or explosion:

07:10 Donetsk #Topaz: One single heavy [boom], car alarms went off
07:15 west Donetsk [pro-RU source]: Just now there has been an explosion, windows started to tremble…
07:15 Donetsk Azotnyi: A powerful “alarm-clock” “rang”. What was it?
07:18 Donetsk [pro-RU source]: “I seemed outgoing to me” [=a boom at 07:15]

Occupied cities of Horlivka and Yenakiieve reported ongoing artillery drills at a range near the cities:

09:20 Horlivka, Yenakiieve: One can hear the range, drills there

Ukraine-controlled frontline city of Avdiivka could hear an explosion before noon:

11:43 Avdiivka: An explosion has been heard

Novhorodske settlement reported a Ukrainian gunnery practice at a range:

12:03 Novhorodske: Just as I complained about the silence, our guys [UA] cheered me up with active series of salvos, however at the range…

One Russian pointless salvo from Donetsk:

13:41 Donetsk: Orcs[=Russians] probably have a timetable. 11:45 and either Grad-P or SPG-9 flies from airportSpartak, since morning roughly this time, another weapon each time

A skirmish begins between Marinka and occupied Oleksandrivka, south-southwest of Donetsk:

16:12 Marinka: A battle has started at MarinkaOleksandrivka

One more report from occupied Yenakiieve about the Russian drills near the city:

19:16 Yenakiieve: Today afternoon [Apr12] the range rumbled good, plaster fell on the balcony

Inactive outgoing mortar rounds north of occupied Yaynuvata in the evening:

19:31 Yasynuvata: in the course of the day, gunfire in the area of former police shooting range in Vasylivka. Rare mortar fire towards evening
19:53 Makiivka: The range at the medical school was heard today. They drilled target shooting

Donetsk reports sporadic explosions heard in the evening:

20:05 Donetsk Vetka: Some sporadic booms all evening

And the evening bombardment begins:

20:12 Donetsk #Zaperevalna: Pre-Easter ceasefire has started [=battle]
20:13 Donetsk Kyivskyi: 5 min ago smth boomed loud, like incoming. Just now 2 short not too loud salvos

Anti-aircraft gun is heard firing at allegedly a drone flying over:

20:18 Donetsk Kyivskyi district: I think it’s from Tochmash – AA-gun in full swing
20:19 Donetsk: Intense booms are heard in Donetsk
20:20 Donetsk [pro-RU source]: Now, they fire on UAVs. High…

An inactive skirmish in Marinka is ongoing:

20:21 Marinka: They shoot a bit

Avdiivka outskirts are being shelled from Donetsk area by the Russian-hybrid forces:

20:45 Avdiivka: one can hear rare incoming heavy rounds
21:00 Donetsk Schetinina: Periodically, salvos are heard from Yasynuvata direction

Occupied Horlivka reports a tank shelling from the city targeting Ukrainian positions in Zaytseve (a settlement in north Horlivka):

21:08 Horlivka: …a tank is shelling at Zaytseve, methodically…

The battle is still ongoing in Marinka:

21:27 Marinka: Periodically, booms are heard

As of 20:45, the outgoing fire continues from Donetsk, Ukrainian forces are trying to suppress it:

21:43 Donetsk: Outgoing ones were heard, now incoming
21:44 Donetsk Leninskyi #Obzhora: For the last 30 min something heavy is being launched not far away
21:48 Donetsk “#Obyednanyi… also listening to strong singles” “Durna_Balka: far intense pounding far in the northwest”
21:50 Donetsk: Heavy [guns] rumble
22:01 Donetsk: Heavy salvos, rarely
22:08 Donetsk railway station: “Peace” in full swing. Heavy booms for at least 15-20 minutes
22:41 Makiivka Gvardeyka: heavy single [booms] are heard not often through closed plastic windows

At 23:30 salvos are still heard in Donetsk, tracked military hardware is heard moving through Donetsk:

23:30 Donetsk: Strong pounding. tangible vibration, tracked vehicles move along #Livoberezhna


Number of Ukrainian hostages in Donbas rises to 126 – Ukraine’s humanitarian envoy

The representative of Ukraine in the humanitarian subgroup of the Trilateral Contact Group for the peaceful settlement in Donbas, First Deputy Chair of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Herashchenko says that the number of Ukrainian hostages in the occupied areas of Donbas has increased to 126 people.

“Unfortunately, there are already 126 people on the list of hostages that the Security Service provides us with; the number of illegally detained persons has grown as a result of more civilians being reported,” Herashchenko wrote on Facebook following the results of Wednesday’s meeting of the Trilateral Contact Group in Minsk.

Militants demand that Ukraine hand over more than 600 detainees. Ukraine’s envoy stressed that 30 people among them have no relation to the ATO, and another 60 are not subject to amnesty because they committed “gravest crimes.” Herashchenko added that among the rest 500 people from the militants’ swap list, several hundred simply do not want to move back to the occupied territories.


Ammo blasts in Balaklia destroy ammunition worth $ 1 bln

As a result of a fire in a military warehouse near the town of Balaklia in the Kharkiv Oblast, ammunition worth $ 1 billion was destroyed, head of the National Security and Defense Committee Serhiy Pashynsky (People’s Front faction) told on Channel 5, Interfax-Ukraine  reports.
“What is the tragedy of Balaklia? There were tens of thousands of combat-effective ammunition and tens of thousands of combat-ineffective ammunition. When this chain reaction took place, we lost $ 1 billion of ammunition, which is unacceptable, because we are not such a rich country that can afford it,” he said.


Non-combat losses: two Ukrainian soldiers died in ATO zone

Two Ukrainian soldiers died as a result of inappropriate weapon handling in the Donbas conflict zone, the press service of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) Headquarters reported on Facebook.

“Today, on April 13, two servicemen died in military units, where personnel carries out combat missions in the ATO zone in the Donetsk and Mariupol sectors,” the report says.

According to preliminary information, the tragedies occurred as a result of a careless handling of weapons.


Poroshenko: 69 Ukrainian servicemen killed since beginning of year, 420 injured

“Only in the course of this year 69 soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been killed and more than 420 injured as a result of the enemy’s shelling,” President Poroshenko said on April 12, speaking to the tank brigade during his working trip to the Luhansk Oblast.
He also added that a total of 2,652 Ukrainian servicemen of various security agencies had been killed during the ATO.


ATO Headquarters: 1 soldier KIA, 2 WIA in 61 attacks of Russian-hybrid forces on April 12

The spokesman of the Ministry of Defence, Oleksandr Motuzyanyk, reported at noon that one Ukrainian serviceman was killed and two were wounded, all in the area of Avdiivka in the Donbas region on April 12. The Russian hybrid military forces attacked Ukrainian positions 61 times the previous day (including 18 attacks in Donetsk sector, 35 attacks in Mariupol sector, and 8 attacks in Luhansk sector).


April 11: 5 Ukrainian servicemen wounded

President Petro Poroshenko visited Luhansk Oblast on April 12:

Taking advantage of the relative ceasefire, Russian-hybrid forces hold military drills in the occupied territories:

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