Monument to Euromaidan heroes opened in Ivano Frankivsk

Photo: Bohdan Dosiuk 


“For those who gave their life for the dignity with which we are not ashamed to look into our own eyes”

For the third anniversary of the Euromaidan revolution, a bas-relief dedicated to the Heroes of the Heaven’s Hundred was opened on the building of the city council of Ivano-Frankivsk.

The monument, created by Volodymyr Semkiv and Yulia Semkiv, contains the names of all Euromaidan protesters that were killed at Euromaidan (98 by official data) and quotes from social media.

“This is a monument not for them, this is a monument for us, it’s a thing in public space where people constantly pass, and it’s a metaphor of a mirror: what these people have done for us, and how we have changed,” Volodymyr told Radio Svoboda.

Two quotes from the bas-relief:

“What was behind us? The idea to desire freedom, wooden shields, sticks, and a little bit of courage,” – Oleksandra Didyk

“This country is poor, but it’s different now, and nothing will change this,” – Olena Litvishko

Meanwhile, no official memorial for Heroes of the Heaven’s Hundred has yet been opened in Kyiv, where Euromaidan protesters were shot by the riot police.

Photos: Bohdan Dosiuk,

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