12 must visit hipster places in Kyiv, according to On the Grid


New Ukraine, Ukraine

Source: On the Grid

Ukraine’s Kyiv made it to and international guide On the Grid  created by representatives of Brooklin design agency Hyperakt.

Also known as “guide for hipsters”, On the Grid helps exploring cities of the world and their most unusual and hidden corners.

Ukraine’s capital is represented here by seven districts: Andriivskiy Descent & Vozdvizhenka, Podil, Universytet, Lypky, Olimpiyskiy, Stare Misto and Zoloti Vorota (with the latter still in progress). The guide’s authors picked around dozen places from each district.

Euromaidan Press team found it extremely hard to pick even 12 of them, so if you feel like Kyiv has gotten your heart, too, go to the On the Grid and enjoy it at fullest!

Here is our 12 must visit hipster places (as suggested by On the Grid):

Andriivskiy Descent & Vozdvizhenka

Vozdvizhenka Every house, every facade is a work of art, which in details reproduces the architectural style of the end of the century before last: mostly Baroque and “Kiev” Art Nuevo with Gothic variations. Even the fashionable shops, cafes, galleries, which are located at the first floors of the houses, are designed to transmit the spirit of the old Podol.

GARA concept store

The store has no sales or two-for-ones, no orange flavored, or buy a carpet with this. You wont find anything useful or practical. Nothing effective or multifunctional. And no, they aren’t here to help you. They can only sympathize with those who don’t understand why this store is necessary. You are never welcomed here. Except for those who made an effort to warn us about their visit. Warn yourself before your visit Here

Kanapa restaurant

The new Ukrainian cuisine. Kanapa is not just an Ukrainian restaurant. Kanapa is located in a legendary part of the town – Andriyivskyy Descent, in a wooden building of the nineteenth century. The restaurant’s salon has an avant-garde style. The idea of Kanapa is to reflect a feeling of sheik vintage. Like good wine, it was developed by the restaurateur Dima Borisov and the musician Oleg Skrypka. The menu comprises of a modern interpretation of pre-revolutionary recipes from different regions, sometimes combined with elements of molecular gastronomy. Make sure you find the secret yard!


We could’ve said how Podil is the heart of Kiev, how it’s utterly vibrant, vivacious, and other pretentious words; how it’s a place where you get to meet the real underground city life, but we won’t waste your time telling you this. That is the first thing you notice when you arrive there. What we’d like to say, is that you definitely should arrive there, be it a mid-winter morning or a long summer night. Podil is simultaneously ages old and ever-young. It’s a whirl of beautiful places popping up every few months right around the XII-century churches and the oldest university in Eastern Europe.


The most controversial and magnetic place in Kiyv; the ever boiling mass of youth, rave, and all-nighters. You need a guide to find the entrance, but aim at the old tape factory and look for a checkpoint. If you’re looking for a Party with a capital P, you’re on the right track. Just in case you missed the Saturday night, try Sunday morning, there’s a good chance the vibe still goes on. There are occasional (and a bit more moderate) jazz nights, check the schedule on the FB page.


ArtPrychal used to be a hotspot for skaters and graffiti artists. Now it’s a gallery and a concert venue right on the Dnipro river bank. All sorts of clothing fairs, master-classes and festivals take place every few weeks throughout the spring and summer. Check their website or Facebook page to see what’s on the calendar or just visit the place to enjoy a great view of the river and hang out.