Terrorist war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine: Summary for September 12, 2014



By Roman Burko

Military Operations

For the whole morning of September 12, terrorists organized maneuvers in Petrovskyi district of Donetsk. After another terrorists volley from heavy caliber guns towards Krasnohorivka, one of them was disabled (at least chassis) from the accurate impact of Ukrainian small calibers. Nearly at 20:00 militants started a full-scale assault on the airport of Donetsk. At the same time terrorist actively use heavy artillery, which most likely brought in Donetsk in order to destroy the airport. Simultaneously, the terrorist began to move heavy equipment closer to Zhdanivka, in Makiivka people heard the roar of the enemy convoys. Most likely, in the near future there will be an attempt to mop up the area from Ukrainian troops.

In Horlivka, terrorists have started movement in the direction of Dzerzhynsk. On afternoon, their activity was spotted in the neighborhood of Kurhanka, people were talking about a large number of terrorists with assault rifles. By the evening, vehicles moved towards that direction. Perhaps, using an attempt to mop up Donetsk airport, as a diversionary tactic, terrorists will try to strike at Dzerzhysnk.

On the maps of the terrorists, boilers can be seen in Debaltseve area. Most likely, they are referring to the operational environment, because after Ilovaisk boiler ATO command created conditions that will prevent complete ambience of group. Although in area of Debaltseve and Bryanka they overtook sufficient amount of equipment. Terrorists continue preparation for attack from Slovyanoserbsk and Luhansk in order to surround Shchastya.

In south terrorists suffer setbacks and failures of their plans. ATO forces were not been able to knock them to Russian border yet, but they made significant progress.

Occupied Territory of Crimea

At the entrance to the occupied territory spotted some features:
In and until Dzhankoy no longer stand teams with armored vehicles of RF, almost all border guards are women, presence of men is practically not observed, not even on platform. The reason is not clear yet, perhaps all men were sent to conduct terrorist activities in Ukraine or it’s a clumsy attempt of RF’s Border Guard to relieve the tension from annoyed Crimeans, who saw the faces of Caucasian nationality, seen as part of Border Guard in the early stages of the conflict.

Even in the most pro-Russian Crimean city Sevastopol people started to think that Putin is guilty in all the problems, it can be considered as a turning point.

Major Developments Related to the War in Ukraine

Ukraine’s plans to secede from the Russian Federation with a huge wall similar to the Israeli separation barrier seriously alarmed the State Duma of the Federation of enslaved peoples.

The Russian side has already started to write a complaint to the World Wildlife Fund, supposing such a construction might damage migration of “wild animals.” More details on this issue we highlighted in an article on “raccoons”. In its turn the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has allocated 100 million UAH for the construction of the “Wall”. Overall, we consider this initiative as a severe need for protecting the Ukrainian population from the Russian terrorism, especially taking into account the fact that in the new world history, the state of such a scale as Russia becomes an open sponsor of international terrorism for the first time, threatening not only Ukraine, but also the entire Europe. Such a terror on the verge of open invasion across the state requires adequate reactions of the international community and the separation barrier with the Russian Federation should consist not only of concrete, but also must be equipped with high-precision weapons and fortifications to prevent interference attempts of the enemy by troops and heavy weapons.

“Hanged Girkin”

As soon as the head of terrorists Igor Girkin  appeared in Moscow at the press briefing and stated that the agreement reached in Minsk leads to the “shameful and the complete defeat of New Russia”, he was “buried” by hindsight. Many webpages scattered the news, that allegedly on September 10, Colonel Girkin was found hanged in the center of Rostov-on-Don. Russia is a wonderland. There a person cannot just be fired hindsight, but he can be hanged for criticism of the authorities, at least to talk about it in media.

Reform during the War

On September 12, speaking at the 11th Annual Meeting of YES in Kyiv, Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves said that Ukraine could become a pioneer in the implementation of reforms during the war. In parallel with, the president of European commission Jose Manuel Baroso stated that EU is ready to provide financial support to Ukraine in October and country will receive another 760 million Euros to implement reforms. This is a signal that the tactics of procrastination full-scale conflict by preventing the rupture of diplomatic relations with Russia and the declaration of war is bringing some results. Every day the sanctions erode the economy of the RF and in this case, while the international community will continue financial support to Ukraine, time will play on our side. The use of heavy type weapons, aircraft and holding the front wave of mobilization can be carried out without nominal declaration of war. Such approaches of course are new in world history, but it is a necessary measure, which can be considered effective.

Source: burkonews.info, republished with permission. Written by Roman Burko, translated by Aleko Burduli

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