Russian Maidan Percolates


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Brave Russians are starting to make a stand, speakout, gather and rally to express their views about Putin’s War with Ukraine and other issues inside Russia. Ukrainians the world over see this as the beginnings of #RussianMaidan. This is something that keeps Putin awake at night. Here is a chronological look at what’s been happening since August 12, 2014.

August 12, 2014. Moscow, Russia. Peace with Ukraine:  An Evening of Remembrance and Sorrow Memorial Service

Video of 200 brave Russians who gathered for a Anti War Rally despite a ban from Moscow City Hall.

The action started on Pushkin Square with the laying of mourning flowers (without any posters or banner). After that, the protesters marched to  the Embassy of Ukraine where they placed flowers and lit candles. Police detained about 20 people. You can watch the days activities with journalist Sasha Sotnyk  here.

Moscow police arrest dozens outside Ukraine embassy on August 12, 2014.

They sang the Ukrainian National Anthem inside the paddywagon.

On August 14 Presnensky Court of Moscow delivered a decision against  anti-war rally participant  Iryna Kalmykov 20 thousand rubles under an abuse of the organization or of the order of the meeting. The woman also was sentenced to a fine of 500 rubles on charges of disobeying the order of a police officer.

August 20, 2014  Mustang Wanted

The star on top of the legendary Stalin skyscraper the Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Building in Moscow had an unscheduled paint job and flag of Ukraine hoisted on top of it.  

Ukrainian daredevil “Mustang Wanted” has posted on his Facebook page that he’s the person who painted the “seven sisters” spire in Moscow in Ukrainian blue and raised the Ukrainian flag overnight on August 19-20. The City of Moscow sent a worker up to repaint the star and remove the Ukrainian Flag and he took a now famous selfie.

August 21, 2014. Moscow.

Moscow’s Red Square, right in front of the mausoleum of Lenin, was decorated  with blue and yellow lines painted  right on the street.



August 21, 2014, Moscow. POWER LINES

More blue and yellow in Moscow. This time on Remizov St near the Nagoro metro station.  A high tension power line tower was painted in the colors of Ukraine’s flag.

russian maidan aug 21 power lines by.jpg


August 24, 2014, St. Petersburg

A very brave woman draped in a Ukrainian flag held a protest with a message of Congratulations and Greetings  to Ukraine on it’s Independence Day. Some people did not like her action so much. 

 August 24, 2014, Moscow

On the 23rd anniversary of Ukraine’s independence,  activists  unfurled a 10 m long  blue and yellow flag on a stone bridge  near the  Kremlin. They protested  against the aggression of Russia against Ukraine.You can watch the protesters unfurl the flag and get detained on this video. 5 of them were detained.

Photo The flag's length is 10 meters

Photo The flag’s length is 10 meters

August 28, 2014, Moscow,  Action 1

Lone protester Dmitry Monakhov, a member of protest group Solidarity,  protests, at Manezh Square outside the Kremlin,with verbal message  “I am ashamed Putin is my President because  of  the recent invasion into Ukraine by Russian armed forces”. He announced the action on his twitter account on August 27th  See the action here. He was detained by the police and received a 15 day sentence.

August 28, 2014, Moscow. Action 2

russian maidan aug 28  Ruslan Leviev.jpeg

A man only identified as Ilya Muscovite, is holding a banner reading “Stop Putin = No war”.  He went on to  say “I’m in the area from 11.00 am. Many Russians express their support, but can not join, as will be immediately all detained”.   Ilya also stressed that the majority of Russians are  “fooled” by Russian television and do not know that Russian President Vladimir Putin sent sent Russian troops to kill Ukrainians. You can see him in action in this video.

August 28, 2104 Moscow, Russia Action 3

It was a very busy day on Manezh Square. Later the same day a handful of protesters arrived and protested Russia’s expansion into Ukraine, with six later being detained.

August 28, St. Petersburg, Russia

In St. Petersburg a man swam along the Fontanka River on a board with anti-Putin message  that read “Putin is eternal.” After the activist floated  under the Anichkov Bridge, the inscription changed to “Putin mutilation.”You can watch a video of the “Putin Eternal” action here.

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August 30, 2014, St Petersburg

The Solidarity community movement held an anti-war protest on the Champ de Mars in  St. Petersburg on August 30. Around 100 people gathered to express they are against Putin’s with Ukraine.