Journalist loses husband in battle for Ilovaisk



Serhiy Skoryk, husband of journalist Mychailyna Skoryk, was killed in the battle for Ilovaisk on Tuesday, August 19, reports Ukrainska Pravda.

Skoryk, who is editor-in-chief of  the online publication, wrote about him in her Facebook:

“He wanted to go out a hero. He has. In Ilovaisk. For Ukraine, for friends, for victory, for a peaceful Donbas,” she wrote. “There is no need to phone. Or write. Just pray for peace and an end to this nightmare,” she added.

As previously reported, there is heavy fighting is the small town of Ilovaisk (Donetsk Oblast). The Donbas Battalion suffered heavy losses and has had to withdraw from battle. The battalion’s commander Semen Semenchenko was wounded  early Tuesday, August  19.

This is now the second day of fierce fighting in Ilovaisk. During the night of August 18, soldiers of the Donbas battalion managed to reach the city center and mount a Ukrainian flag over the city council building. However, fighting for control of the city continues.

The previous week, Mykola Berezoviy, a soldier in the Azov battalion and husband of journalist Tatiana Chornovol, was killed in a battle near Ilovaisk.

Translated by Anna Mostovych


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