Luhansk terrorists abducted 7 children from hospital and took them to Russia



Ukrainian Ombudsman Valeria Lutkovska has said that terrorists of the Luhansk Peoples’ Republic (LPR) have taken 7 children with disabilities from hospitals in Luhansk to Russia. This was reported by Espreso.TV, citing RBC-Ukraine.

As stated, Lutkovska reported the removal of the children in a letter to the Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia, Ely Pamfyloviy, and to the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Rostov region Anatoly Kharkov.

“Children without any medical treatment were illegally moved across the border at the Izvaryne checkpoint from the Luhansk (Ukraine) region to the Rostov region (Russia),” she said in the statement.

It is noted that a handover of the children to the representative of the Ukrainian Consulate General in the Rostov region, with a goal of returning them to Ukraine, was refused

“Valeria Lutkovska appealed to her colleagues with a request to take immediate measures for the speedy return of children to Ukraine,” stated the press-service of the Ombudsman.

At the same time, the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine said that as a result of the neglect by the terrorists of the special needs of these children during transportation, the health of one of the children has deteriorated.

“Under Article 146 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, such actions of the perpetrators qualify as a crime,” – added the Foreign Ministry.

The foreign ministry also reminded that the illegal movement of children across state borders is classified as a case of international child abduction with specified consequences for perpetrators and for others with whose assistance or connivance this crime has been committed.

This is not the first instance of kidnapping of children by the militants.


Edited by Olena Wawryshyn


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