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Here’s the Summary for August 6, 2014 (for previous summary, please see Summary for August 5).

The bad news:

1. Recently, we have observed the quite effective efforts by terrorists to counter the ATO forces’ raid operations.

It is difficult to judge whether it is an “outpouring” of information to insurgents about the upcoming action of our units (hopefully military counterintelligence will [be able to] answer this question). But the fact that the planning and conduct of operations now requires effort and professionalism from the ATO leadership, and the initiative and ability to take personal responsibility from the unit commanders–many times over than [was required] even a couple of weeks ago–is an indisputable fact.

2. In Mykolaiv a rally was held “against the tariff increase.” It would seem, nothing to worry about, the more so since [the rally] came down to a pathetic goose egg, but the organizer of the rally, “The Institute of International Influence,” as reported by the media, earlier demanded from Yanukovych [the ousted Ukrainian President], along with the parliamentarian-separatist Oleh Tsaryov, to reward Berkut fighters for the dispersal of Maidan.

Characteristically, yesterday the same rally took place in Kherson. Journalists recorded how, afterwards, the organizers handed out money to its participants. The requirements are the same–on the pretext of solving social problems, require the local authority not to comply with Kyiv in its “anti-people politics.” For a better [TV screen] image, protesters were waving banners in English, yet to a request to read what they had written on them, they grunted something unintelligible.

… It is no secret that today Ukraine is taking an examination on survival as a sovereign nation. We are dealing with a cunning and insidious enemy. And if we do not learn to protect ourselves from the Moscow hydra in any of its appearances–whether in the form of a terrorist armed by Putin in the East or a “peaceful protester” in the South paid off by the FSB–then our independence isn’t worth a dime. And do not reassure yourself at the paucity of “protesters”–the picture changes very quickly, when Moscow pays lavishly.

3. From the same opera about a fifth column…Kharkiv City Council awarded the title of “Honorary Kharkivian” to a member of the Federation Council of Russia, Alexander Shishkin. The official wording says that this “Russian philanthropist” initiated the building of temples.

We are [already] aware of what an important role the temples of the UOC [Ukrainian Orthodox Church] of the Moscow Patriarchate [MP] play in the anti-Ukrainian propaganda in eastern Ukraine. The fact is, that the monasteries of the UOC MP very often [served] as the transshipment bases for terrorists too. And we are also well aware of the fact that the very Federation Council represented by Shishkin gave Putin the right to enter the Russian troops into Ukraine.

It remains to be understood what role is played by the members of the Kharkiv City Council and the City authorities in a system of Ukrainian collapse, carefully constructed by the Russian special services.

… By the way, the Prosecutor’s Office immediately appealed the assignment of Shishkin as an honorary Kharkivian. Applause [to the] prosecutors.

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Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

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