Luhansk on the verge of a humanitarian disaster — city council



As a result of the clashes in Luhansk, 85% of the population is disconnected from the power supply and the water supply has been disrupted by the loss of energy at pumping stations, reports Espreso.TV, July 30, citing the statement by the press service of the Luhansk city council.

“This is the third night that as a result of the accident at the high-voltage line that delivers electricity to the Kirov substation, 85% of the city’s population is disconnected from the power supply. Today electricity is received by the medical facilities, emergency services, critical social facilities as well as a small number of users,” the press service says.

“Without restoring the power supply under current  high temperature conditions, the food supplies will be lost. Today the water pumping and water lifting devices at the water plant have lost their energy supply, which means that citizens will not receive water. There are serious problems with mobile communications — in some areas of the city it is impossible to get through,” the statement says.

The Luhansk City Council noted that two disaster service crews have attempted repairs but could not carry out restoration work because of ongoing armed clashes. Another attempt was made today, but the crews came under shelling between Luhansk and Shchastia and were forced to return.

“The Luhansk City Council appeals to the armed parties to provide a passage for carrying out the emergency restoration work. The city is on the verge of collapse. We need to restore the power supply or else a humanitarian disaster will take place in Luhansk,” the press service concludes.

Translation: Anna Mostovych



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