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Former Russian Intel Officer Predicts Putin’s Fall

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July 23. The Russian President has stirred up an inferno within Russia, and should he move away from Donbas, he’d face the outrage of millions indoctrinated into patriotic fervor over Crimea and “Novorossiya”, Viktor Suvorov, fugitive Russian intelligence officer and acclaimed writer, told GORDON.

Viktor Suvorov: The mercenaries in Donbas have tasted blood and lawlessness. They’ll be back to Russia soon. Try making these people obey the law.

Interview by Nataliya DVALI

Vladimir Rezun, former operative of the Soviet Main Intelligence Directorate, became famous under a penname Viktor Suvorov, the author of “The Icebreaker,” which sold several million copies around the world. Suvorov claimed the main reason behind WWII was Stalin’s policy and his plans to conquer Europe in the summer of 1941.

Even before he published his novel, Suvorov became quite known in the intelligence circles when in 1978 he disappeared from his apartment in Geneva with his wife and children to reappear in the UK. The ex-spy claims he was sentenced to death in absentia for his flight.

For over 35 years Suvorov has been living in Bristol, UK, writing military articles and books and closely watching his native country. And this means not only Russia but also Ukraine, since Suvorov’s father and grandfather were born in Cherkassy region in Central Ukraine.

A huge hairy ape gave the brainless monkeys on Donbas the weapon that shot down MH17

–  After the terrorists downed MH17, both the UN Security Council and the EU Council held sessions. The results is the same: Once again the West is “concerned” with the conflict in Easter Ukraine, yet not ready to take severe measures against Russia. Why?

– I’m a sceptical, cynical and pessimistic person by nature, so this is what I believe: Europe will munch it over, extend the sanctions a bit but will take no harsh measures towards Russia. The Boeing tragedy will soon be forgotten, even though today it’s hard for politicians to dismiss public opinion and the media, who were quick to announce the MH17 tragedy as a terrorist act.

The monkeys with grenades who performed this terrorist act did not just find the grenade lying on the road and accidentally pull the pin. Quite the contrary: It was a large, hairy ape that handed a terrifying weapon to those brainless monkeys in Donbas. The most important – and the hardest – thing now is finding irrefutable evidence of who gave the order and brought the weapons capable of shooting down planes at a height of 10 kilometers. It is obvious that this crime could not have happened without Kremlin’s knowledge.

The British Daily Mirror cover.    Photo:

– Will the West just limit itself to harsh rhetorics?

– I’m looking at a British paper The Daily Mail that has an interesting article on how a black guy committed so many crimes that he got life in prison. After some time he was released for being a model prisoner. When he got loose, the guy once again committed so many crimes he got imprisoned for life a second time. After some time, believe it or not, he got free again, then got a third imprisonment for life…

– And got free again?

– Thank god, no. But this is a striking example of how rotten the West has become due to humanism and political correctness. In the UK they are worried that not all prisons have pools.

– What pools?

– Swimming pools. – Don’t laugh, there’s a serious discussion going on. Did you know that in the UK even those with life imprisonment get leave for home. Last year 38 people didn’t come back from their leave. There was even a congress in the UK on the issue of improving prisons so that the convicts would like to go back after the leave. They nearly ended up agreeing to sent restaurant chefs to the prison kitchens. So you can see how these “humanists” will treat a country guilty of the Boeing tragedy.

Europe and the US have lost their self-preservation instinct. So did Putin

– It’s strange, most analysts say it’s not about humanism but pragmatism of Europe which is dependent on Russian gas.

I believe that the West’s softness, including that towards Russia, is dictated by the cult of humanism and political correctness descending into blatant idiocy. Europe and the US have lost their survival instinct. See how many immigrants leave there who don’t respect the local traditions and laws. You can detect the Asian districts in big cities by smell. If you got there you’d get a feeling you weren’t in England but in a third world country – mud, stink and crime everywhere. No one wants to fight it, and the immigrants keep coming.

– Has Russia also lost the survival instinct?

– Putin sure has. But, more importantly, he’s also lost control of the gangs in Eastern Ukraine. Russia has always had and will always have an imperial model of power: An emperor on top, the nobles around him and the smallfolk down below. Now the Tsar has lost control over his subjects he’s sent to Donetsk and Luhansk regions because he gave them too much power. This threatens the integrity of Russia.

– What’s the connection between uncontrolled terrorists in Donbas and Russia’s balkanization?

– I used to serve in the GRU where guys from various units across the USSR went. One of them served on a nuclear submarine and told that when an order for full speed ahead came, they used to heat up the reactor not by the book (to slow), but with some folk techniques. That was before the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

– By the way, your, sorry to say, colleague by GRU Igor Girkin-Strelkov claimed there were no living passengers in the Boeing: the enemy reportedly stuffed the aircraft with corpses on purpose and shot it down to discredit the “DNR”.

– Russian needed a crazy guy to head the crazy operation in Donbas. Don’t judge the Military Intelligence by one idiot. Girkin is a thug, I have no proof he actually works for GRU, But even if it is so, it’s yet another proof of how rotten the Main Intelligence Directorate has become.

Donbas terrorists Alexander Mozhaiev (“Babai”), Viacheslav Ponomariov, and Igor Girkin (Strelkov)

The mercenaries in Donbas have tasted blood and lawlessness. They’ll be back to Russia soon. Try making these people obey the law

– Let me continue on Russia’s disintegration. Putin has stirred up an inferno within Russia, there’s outrageous partriotic and chauvinistic fervor over Crimea, Novorossiya and “the Russian World”. This wave cannot be stopped, it’s already over the Russian leadership. Should Kremlin back away or slow down, the Russian patriotic herd will stampede Putin for his betrayal.

But the Russian President could use another propaganda slogan to cool the hotheads: The West wants to pull us into WWIII, but we are ready to give up Novorossiya for the sake of world peace…

– You need brains for such a scenario, and there isn’t a person in the Kremlin who’d realize how far Russia has gone. However Putin might stir, the process has started and the Russian people simply won’t hear any other slogans. Moreover, the mercenaries in Eastern Ukraine have already tasted power and blood, they are drunk with impunity, they are strolling around Donetsk and Luhansk like kings. Sooner or later they’ll be back to Russia. Try to make them obey the law after they’ve seen Donbas. They don’t give a damn about shifting the propaganda, they already know what power is.

– The Kremlin did manage to make the Chechen terrorists obey the law…

– Chechnya was buried under billion of dollars! Russia pays tribute for this semblance of order every year. The Kremlin has put a thug on the local throne and told him: “rein in the terrorists and we’ll give you money and rebuild Groznyi”. And rebuild Groznyi they did: there are no such skyscrapers in Moscow as in the Chechen capital.

“The wave of outrageous patriotic ferove over Crimea and “Novorossiya” will bury Putin soon”. The Russian President in Sevastopol after the occupation of Crimea. May 9, 2014. Photo:

Any weed needs to be cut off its root. The Donbas militants need to be cut off from supply – the Russian border must be sealed.

– Could Kremlin buy off the Donbas terrorists as well? Could they be acknowledged as Ukrainian war veterans and given pensions?

– If you use such an “efficient” tool each time, you can go broke. Putin could offer money to the whole of Donbas, but where can he get it when everything has been stripped off Russia? The country can’t even build proper roads in Siberia while the oil prices are as high as $110 per barrel. The Russian authorities have confessed they’ve squandered the Russians’ pension savings on Crimea.

By the way, the chain reaction started when the Kremlin intervened in Crimea. Right then I said: Putin has called himself in the trap like a dung fly that has been circling a fly strip and got one leg stuck. It’s flapping its wings, trying to get away, but then another leg gets stuck… Putin has no way out. If he pulls out of Donbas, he’ll disappoint the millions of imperial propaganda zombies.

– When do you expect Putin’s regime to fall?

– Exactly in a year. Call me on July 23, 2015, I’ll pour some peppered horylka, take a piece of salo and give you the answer.

– But Ukraine has to live this year through…

– The secret of great generals is cutting off enemies from supply. Kutuzov was criticized for “abandoning Moscow” in the 1812 war with Napoleon, but he did everything right. The armt retreated to the South-East, circled the French army and stopped at the road the French supplies from Europe were coming through. I’m talking about the Tarutino camp. Napoleon was a great strategist: he quickly realized the danger and retreated from Moscow even before the winter struck.

Any weed needs to be cut off its root. The Donbas militants need to be cut off from supply, i.e. the Russian border must be sealed. The Ukrainian tacticians, that are being reborn right now, realize it perfectly. So I wish your troops the best of luck. Glory to Ukraine!


Translated by Kirill Mikhailov

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