“Candidates for vacancy must be of Slavic nationality.” Announcements such as this have become an everyday sight in the occupied Crimea. Just recently, a number of my acquaintances have lost their jobs at local government bodies (village and town councils), because they don’t pass muster based on ethnic origin. No, this has nothing to do with personnel optimization. They were told to their faces that they are being fired on the basis of national origin.

Graffiti reads: “TATARS, GET OUT OF CRIMEA!”

Another Crimean Tatar acquaintance was fired from her job at a hotel complex for feeding the Ukrainian soldiers. “Just try asserting your rights, and you’ll rot”, said the owner in response to her attempt to figure out the reasons behind her termination. The woman and her daughter, who was persecuted in school “because she’s a Crimean Tatar”, are currently seeking asylum in the US.

Yet another Crimean Tatar mom is being chased down by the teachers, who are demanding that she transfer her son to another school, because he hoisted “a Banderite rag” (i.e., a Ukrainian flag) atop the school building at night. The same teachers who, at the beginning of this school year, were playing the national anthem at school gatherings.

Another acquaintance of mine was given an ultimatum to vacate her rented apartment. “You, Crimean Tatars, are the traitors, after all. You didn’t go to the referendum, you are keeping loyalty to Ukraine. Get your shit together and get out of my apartment”, said the owner. And what do you make of the fact that the rent has already been paid? Well, frankly, no one is interested in this anymore. You can go to court, if you find someone willing to listen to you there.

“And when are you moving to Uzbekistan? We like your house and want to buy it”, neighbors, all friendly smiles, ask my friend’s parents. “But we’re not going anywhere, aren’t we at home?”, reply the surprised owners of the house. “Well, you’re not going anywhere for now”, clarifies the neighbor, a Cheshire cat smile extending all over his face.

Somehow, I don’t think I’ll be surprised if restaurants in Crimea will begin displaying signs “Slavs Only” or buses will begin featuring backseats “Crimean Tatars Only” tomorrow. God forbid if someone has to endure the kind of treatment the Crimean Tatars are going through right now. Apparently, many “locals” (if you can even call them that?) are feeling genetic hatred toward them, just like toward the Jews.

You’re saying Putin has signed a “Decree on Rehabilitation of the Crimean Tatars”? Just a piece of paper, not worth the ink on it. All that many local residents are waiting for is a nod to launch the Crystal Night. Dear God, please give people brains and the heart, for they know not what they are doing!

Source: Rustam Emiraliyev’s FB page

Translated by Olga Ruda

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