A 92-year old World War II veteran, Mykola Ostashevsky, came to the National Defense Headquarters for Dnipropetrovsk oblast to enlist as a new conscript.

A World War II veteran and a former communications man, Mykola K. Ostashevsky, 92, came to the National Defense Headquarters for Dnipropetrovsk oblast. “I am ready to go to war, and this is not because I don’t love Russia. How can you not love the people who fought alongside you for victory in the Great Patriotic War? It’s just that I really love Ukraine”, said the veteran. He also wrote a letter to President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, accusing the politician in using military to invade Ukraine. He believes that the best present for the May 9 Victory Day would be the news about return of Crimea and solid peace between two formerly brotherly nations.



Source: Ukrinform FB page

Translated by Olga Ruda

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