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The Euromaidan SOS organization has not been able to locate several people detained in Crimea, reports Ukrainska Pravda, March 29.

Specifically, the whereabouts of frontier guard Ivan Nikolus are unknown. Also missing are three activists. Abu Yusuf (Serhiy Selentsov) is believed to be in prison, although his lawyer has been prevented from seeing him. Similarly unknown are the fates of two men from Rivne: Ivan Bondarets, b.1990, and Valeriy Bashchuk, b.1985, who have been missing since March 7, when they first arrived in Simferopol.

“The wife of Ivan Bondarets confirmed to Euromaidan SOS that her husband is missing along with his friend Valeriy Vashchuk. According to her, the two last went to a meeting on March 7, around 7:30. At that time Valeriy Vashchuk telephoned his sister and informed her that he and Bondarets were in Simferopol,” Euromaidan SOS reports.

Vashcuk complained about the situation in Crimea and reported that documents were checked and personal belongings inspected at the train station. He added that “a coordinator was to come for them shortly” and that they would then decide whether to remain in Crimea or return to Kyiv to Maidan (both men are Maidan activists and belong to one of the self-defense units).

Since that time both phones have been turned off. The two never showed up at meetings. Both men have young children in Rivne.

However, activist Vladyslav Polishchuk, who was captured in Crimea three weeks ago, has been released. He had spent the entire time in captivity.


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